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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Greenfield Park Corner - Reunion Update

Good News Folks
I spoke to Marty last night and he was able to resurrect the old blogger site.

He will not be posting but if you want to check out the old posts here is the link

Greenfield Park and Marty North

Reunion Update

Hello Everyone:

Just a reminder, the Manor Motel just has one room left, but I am including the telephone number for another motel, close by, only 5-10 minutes away and still downtown. It is Huron Haven and the telephone number is toll free 1-888-815-3717 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-888-815-3717 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or local 519-797-2248 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 519-797-2248 end_of_the_skype_highlighting. The address is 21 Huron Street South, Southampton. I am also going to attach an up-to-date list, both in Word format and PDF, so if you cannot access it let me know. You will notice that I have made a notation beside some names re e-mail addresses, if anyone has e-mail addresses could you send them to me.

Once I get a final number or relatively close to a final number, I will make a list, of items to bring, it will be small as we have had offers already of the plates, utensils, napkins, glasses etc. As I mentioned previously some contributions will be only munchie stuff such as chips, easy finger food, etc. I am working on a map to highlight the areas where you will be staying and congregating, and of course, liquor stores, beer stores, restaurants, places of interest, etc. I will also provide directions from Toronto, the USA, Montreal area, etc. It is easy to find with GPS.

Now I am getting ready to head out to Michigan on Wednesday to pick up my two mares, one has been confirmed pregnant and still hoping for the second one. Another marathon drive pulling a horse trailer, want to get it done before this holiday weekend, and mid week with as little traffic as possible.

Heather Hubbard Cooper

List of Attendees for Greenfield Park 2012 Reunion in Southampton, Ontario

Janet (Allen) and Don Watson
Sandy (Snow) and Brian Robinson
Winston and Ann Swinwood
Carolyn (Cobb) Dalgard
Denise (Houle) Evola
Ralph and Millie Bennett
Harry Cobb
Kenny Cobb
Betty (Heath) Wright
Steve Kemper
Garry and Karen Comber – need e-mail address
Brenda (Fielding) and Fred Knight
Marston and Lou North
Dorothy (Bugera) and John Penney
Heather (Blaine) and Al Gibb
Lynda (Tombs) and Gilles Watier
Nola (Chapman) and Peter Kendell
Jason (Butch) Hubbard
Heather (Hubbard) and Larry Cooper
David and Cheryl Walsh
David and Sharon Rye
Betty and Red Drummond
Gale Anne (Taylor) and Bruno Schwartz
Jerry and Diedre McKenna
Terry & Pat Caverly
Not sure
Fred Goodall
Richard and Margaret Werenchuk – need e-mail address
Alvoy Blaine – need e-mail address
Tiemen Korvemaker – need e-mail address
Bob and Joan Alain
Lawrence Comber – need e-mail address
Doug Menary
Barry Hollingdrake – need e-mail address
Dale and Wally Curry – need e-mail address
Bonnie and Denis Frappier
Marilyn Blackwood
Diane Stack
Bob & Pat Hawkins
Thanks Heather

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