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Friday, June 22, 2012

Canada invited to TPP

Weeks of whining has got Canada invited to the Trans Pacific Partnership. The only reason they needed an invitation is that on their own they were a total failure. They need to hide behind the Americans and hang on to their coat tails.

Yes fellow Canadians the Chinese don't trust your elected government. An associate of mine is in the import/export business in mainland China, the Canadian government has entertained her and tried to bring her on side. In talks, she was so offended that she ended any and all negotiations with the Conservatives. This month alone she will be sending 50,000 lbs. of Canadian honey and 250,000 bottles of Canadian beer to China. Further to this she just purchased a meat processing plant in Ontario for 1.9 million dollars to export meat to China..... all this without your government and the Americans.

Oh yes, she is not Asian, she is an Anglo- Canadian, and to top it all off she has imported over 150,000 dollars in roofing products for us in the past month.

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