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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Sunday's Ride - Daymak Florence Fat Tire E-Bike (Tricycle)

This is my latest mode of transportation, an e-trike with 4" fat tires, a bafang electric motor in the front hud and a 5 speed Shimano derailer.

It is an awesome way to travel but a whole new riding experience. With the convention 2 wheel bike, e-scooter or motorcycle you are always riding vertical regardless of the road contour and when cornering you lean with the bike whereas a trike follows the road contour and you have to counter by leaning opposite to the lean of the trike or it will toss you off or tip.

It has 3 modes of power, pedal, pedal assist where the motor kicks in or full throttle where you have the option to peddle or to use the throttle it's great for uphill assist for us old farts.

It Had to Be You- Gunhild Carling LIVE - JAZZ hits

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Your Sunday Night Funnies

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Friday, August 23, 2019

Friday's Ride - 1934 Ford 5 Window | Stock: #166 - Las Vegas

Just saying - What's your spin Andrew Scheer

Harper’s former Parliamentary Secretary, Dean Del Mastro, found guilty of election fraud;
• Government found guilty of election fraud 5 times in 8 years;
• The only party in Canadian history to be found in contempt of Parliament (endorsed by a Conservative Speaker of the House;
• Spent $611 million on Partisan advertising, another $7.5 just for radio ads
• Spent $7 million in partisan anti-drug ads in just 3 months
• Spent $700,000 fighting Canada’s veterans in court
• Spent tens of millions of taxpayer dollars developing partisan legislation that stood no chance of withstanding a Constitutional challenge...and when all were overturned by the Supreme Court, began undermining the credibility of the Court, and its Chief Justice;
• Deception around Nigel Wright repaying the $90,000 Conservative Senator Mike Duffy defrauded from taxpayers, closing off investigation and refusing to give details….with RCMP finding all trails lead back to Stephen Harper’s office;
• undemocratic ‘Fair Elections Act’ removing ability of Elections Canada to do its job;
• Auditor General reported $3.1 billion in anti-terror funding missing; using taxpayer dollars to fund partisan personal attack ads;
• Spent $750 million taxpayer dollars in partisan advertising;
• found guilty on three separate occasions of election fraud and campaign financing violations;
• Allowed XL Foods meat processing plant to continue to process and distribute tainted meat for 3 weeks after U.S. stopped importing for the same reason;
• Over spent those cabinet-approved ad budgets by $128-million — more than 37 per cent…..all the while cutting funding to important government programs;
• Shut down Committee investigating F-35 purchase scandal;
• Conservative campaign staff proven to be behind Guelph Robocalls;
• Lied to Parliament and the Canadian public about the true cost of the F-35's,
• Auditor General proves fraud and incompetence in Government's F-35 purchase,
• Muzzled federal scientists and public servants and Increased the size of the federal public service by 32,000 employees; increased government spending by 30% to a record $276 billion,
• $150 billion in the red. The largest deficit in Canadian history,
• Industry Minister Christian Paradis stays in Cabinet after being found in violation of the Conflict of Interest Act;
• First Government in Canadian History to be found in Contempt of Parliament,
• Took $38.2 billion Liberal Surplus, and ran it into 53 Billion Dollar Deficit,
• screwed up G8 and G20 Meetings,
• Veterans Affairs Minister Fantino criticized for spending $4 million on advertising programs for veterans rather than investing the money in services;
• $1.3 billion in unspent funding for Veterans returned to Treasury to help balance budget after Veterans Services cutbacks; and
• Slashed funding to the federal immunization program by 23% since 2006.

And yes Andrew you were not only an MP but you were speaker of the house you sleeze.

Torquing of any sort in #CDNmedia is journalistic fraud"

"I know most of us are skeptical about Amy, but every now and then, she does post some really good stuff.
Here is her thread on the Fife/Vassy PnP interview. Great rebuttal by Amy! Ending with the last post - "To drive the point home @RobertFife closes the interview with @VassyKapelos on @PnPCBC by admitting he regrets "torquing" his articles too much in the past
Torquing of any sort in #CDNmedia is journalistic fraud"

Is Andrew Scheer running for Prime Minister or Ayatollah of the Oil Patch?

Over the weekend, Andrew Scheer went to Calgary to further outline his “economic vision,” which included a short-term six-party plan which…does nothing about the economy. Those six parts are to scrap the federal carbon price, repeal Bill C-69, repeal Bill C-48 and end any tanker ban in northern BC, establish timelines for project approvals, end the “foreign interference” in project approvals, and invoke the constitutional authority to build major projects. Do you see a pattern here?

Roundup: A six-point sham

Over the weekend, Andrew Scheer went to Calgary to further outline his “economic vision,” which included a short-term six-party plan which…does nothing about the economy. Those six parts are to scrap the federal carbon price, repeal Bill C-69, repeal Bill C-48 and end any tanker ban in northern BC, establish timelines for project approvals, end the “foreign interference” in project approvals, and invoke the constitutional authority to build major projects. Do you see a pattern here?
To be clear, these six proposals are all, well, hot air. Ending the federal carbon price won’t get energy projects built – most oil and gas companies are in favour of it. Repealing Bill C-69 won’t help because the 2012 environmental assessment legislation the Conservatives put into place just wound up in litigation, and that will continue if he reverts to it. Ending the tanker ban won’t have any measurable impact because there are no pipelines in the area, no plans for any, and if he thinks he can revive Northern Gateway then he didn’t pay attention to the reasons why the Federal Court revoked its approval. Establishing timelines for approvals? Again, nice in theory, but without a framework behind it (like Bill C-69 would ostensibly provide), it will likely mean yet more litigation. That “foreign interference” in project approvals is largely the conspiracy theories that the conservative movement is clinging to (ignoring the foreign funds that go into their own thinktanks like the Fraser Institute). And that “constitutional authority” is not a magic wand, and would only sow confusion because any project that crosses a provincial boundary is already a federally regulated project, so there’s nothing to invoke. So Scheer’s “six point plan” should perhaps better be called a “six point sham.”

Liberals taking steps to fight climate change

LEGO Harley From HOG

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Stand up comedian - Baseball - Bob Nelson

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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Thursday's Ride - 1950 Mercury Lead Sled For Sale

4 Things Andrew Scheer’s Weakness Will Cost You—Unless We Stop Him

Since being elected Conservative leader, Andrew Scheer has been clear about one thing: His priority is cutting taxes for the wealthiest Canadians and big business.
His senior finance and economic development spokespeople have said “we need lower corporate taxes” and even pushed for Trump-style tax giveaways to the wealthy.
Because Andrew Scheer will say “yes” to the one percent — that means he’ll say “no” to the things that matter to you.
Here are 4 things Scheer’s weakness could cost you and your family:
  1. Health care. Last month, senior MPs from Andrew Scheer’s team hosted a $250-a-ticket event billed as a discussion on “the business of health care” in Canada. This cash-for-access fundraiser has sparked fears the Conservatives are hatching a plan to pay for tax giveaways to the rich with cuts and American-style privation to our health care.
  2. Retirement security. The last time Conservatives were in power, Stephen Harper told billionaires in Davos, Switzerland he was raising the age ordinary Canadians could collect their Old Age Security benefits. Now the Conservatives under Andrew Scheer are opposing efforts to strengthen the Canada Pension Plan — leading many to worry he’d raise the age of eligibility for CPP too.
  3. Child and family benefits. Time and time again, Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives have voted against the interests of ordinary Canadians. They voted against asking the wealthy to pay a bit more in taxes to give middle-class families a break. And they voted against the new Canada Child Benefit that’s helping families and lifting children out of poverty. Scheer voted “no” to benefits for children, but plans to say “yes” to tax cuts for the rich?
  4. Prescription drug coverage. There are new, multi-partisan efforts underway in Ottawa to expand prescription drug coverage for ordinary Canadians — but Andrew Scheer has opposed all of them. He’d cancel any plan to lower the cost of life-saving drugs so he can give his wealthy friends a tax break instead.
Too many Canadian families are struggling already. The last thing they need is another Conservative Prime Minister who can’t say no to the richest Canadians and most profitable corporations. Make no mistake, Andrew Scheer’s weakness will cost you.

Scandals from the party that brought you Andrew Scheer

A Conservative collection of Harper government scandals
OTTAWA—Here are a few of the scandals and controversies that Stephen Harper has weathered since his Conservative government took office in 2006.

SENATE APPOINTMENTS: The Senate has been the source of Harper’s most damaging scandal, one that goes to the heart of his office. Unsuccessful in efforts to reform the upper chamber, Harper began to stack it with Tory loyalists. Several appointments now haunt him. Mike Duffy, Patrick Brazeau and Pamela Wallin were suspended from the Senate for allegations of improper expense claims; Duffy and Brazeau face criminal charges related to their spending. Harper’s own office has been embroiled after it was revealed that Nigel Wright, his chief of staff at the time, cut a $90,000 cheque to cover Duffy’s questionable expenses. Don Meredith, a Toronto senator, quit the Conservative caucus earlier this year after the Star revealed allegations he had a sexual relationship with a teenager.
ELECTION SCANDALS: The Conservatives have found themselves at the centre of multiple investigations over their election activities. In the 2006 “in-and-out” scandal, the Conservative party pled guilty to exceeding national election advertising limits. In the 2011 election, robocalls misdirected voters away from the polls. A Conservative staffer was convicted in that scandal. Former Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro, once Harper’s parliamentary secretary, was convicted of breaking spending rules in the 2008 vote. And in 2013, then-Labrador MP Peter Penashue was forced to quit Harper’s cabinet over illegal campaign donations.
MAXIME BERNIER: The debonair Quebec MP showed up at Rideau Hall in 2007 to be sworn into cabinet with girlfriend Julie Couillard on his arm. But she had reported past ties to biker gangs. A year later, Bernier was forced to resign as foreign affairs minister after it was revealed that he had left classified NATO documents at Couillard’s home.
VETERANS AFFAIRS: For a government that boasts of its support of Canada’s military, looking after veterans should have been a no-brainer. Instead, the Tories have been in the crosshairs of veterans, upset that ill and injured soldiers have been short-changed and angry over the closing of regional veterans affairs offices. The Conservatives have repeatedly tinkered with programs, boosted funding and finally installed Erin O’Toole, himself a veteran, as minister in charge of the file, all in hopes of quelling the controversy.
AFGHAN DETAINEES: Canadian diplomat Richard Colvin appeared before a parliamentary committee in 2009 and made a bombshell charge — that detainees taken captive by Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan and transferred to local authorities were almost certainly being tortured and abused. The issue escalated into a political crisis when the Conservatives refused to release documents on the issue and prorogued Parliament in December, 2009, shutting down the parliamentary committee that was probing the abuse allegations.

Get informed - Listen

BEER... magic

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A male student asked his English professor,
“What is the definition of a dilemma?"
The professor said, “Well, there's nothing better than an example to illustrate that.”
“Imagine that you are lying in a big bed with a beautiful aroused naked young woman on one side and an excited gay man on the other.”
“Who are you going to turn your back on???

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Wednesday's Ride - 2006 Factory Five Cobra Gateway Classic Cars #1582 Houston Showroom

Andrew Scheer is pandering to paramilitary groups for their vote

Do these men feel manly? Do these voters know the difference between Reformed conservatives from the progressive conservatives? I had to be taught the hard way, and to remember thanks to Vicki.
Tonights meeting I learned that a miner from Saskatchewan is the highest paid in Saskatchewan said they are having a hard time making a living, and people had to be shown that yes he’s right, at a meeting. There’s something wrong with the Saskatchewan government not the feds.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Canada, too, is a breeding ground for far-right paramilitary groups. And Andrew Scheer is pandering to them to get their votes. An exaggeration? Here's what the conservative Globe & Mail had to say about this danger ..


More opinion from Alfred Apps LLP

Alfred Apps

3 hrs ·
Think about it. Just for a moment. Our PM has not had a crew of former staff charged with criminal offences including money-laundering, tax evasion and unlawfully acting as a foreign agent. The Trudeau Foundation has not been shut down or charged for acting illegally and breaching its charitable obligations. He has not had reams of evidence publicly disclosed as to his activities in pursuit of obstruction of justice. He has not had to buy-off multiple women with whom he has had an affair. He is not suspected of tax fraud/evasion and money-laundering himself. He does not stand accused of accepting the assistance and support of an enemy power. He is not under investigation for improperly spending money on his victory (inauguration) celebration. He does not stand accused by a dozen women of improper sexual conduct. He is not subject to litigation for abusing his position for personal profit (ie emoluments). His sin is that he stands accused of preferring a “private interest” when all of the evidence is that he was aggressively pursuing the public interest of tens of thousands of innocent Canadians and, as the legal scholarship which will now inevitably follow will almost certainly show, did so entirely properly and in accordance with the law. Yet, this is elevated to the degree of scandal!!! What planet are we living on? As a lawyer and a Canadian, I am incredulous!! In the name of justice and decency, we need to stand back, take a deep. breath and infuse some objectivity, expertise and reality into this unfounded and misguided attack on his integrity and character. THIS IS JUST UNJUST AND WRONG!!

Yet another comment from Alfred Apps LLP and senior partner

.... The legal case is proceeding. He did NOT interfere with it. Rather, he attempted (unsuccessfully, but lawfully) to change its course into a Deferred Prosecution proceeding and did so in complete compliance with all applicable law. There has been no finding by any Court of competent jurisdiction that he breached any statute or regulation. There is an opinion from the Ethics Commissioner, that he breached section 9 of the Conflicts of Interest Act on the basis that he was acting in a “private interest”, an opinion which is subject to much dispute and for which conflicting evidence, some contained in the Ethics Commissioner’s Report, is available. There was a legitimate public interest of thousands of ordinary Canadians at stake. This story is far from over but you have not established that he personally received any money or other benefit for his conduct, so your allegation that he is corrupt is another baseless bullshit allegation and deserves to be treated as such. The fact that his government has also presided over the most favourable economic period in modern Canadian history is, perhaps, the best reason for us keeping him as our leader, not to mention that he stands against the anti-environment, pro-gun, anti-choice, anti-immigration, anti-gay and public pharmacare policies of the Scheer Nonsense crowd.

Administrators opinion on the Attourney General position

  1. The AG is "not" an autonomous position but rather the AG serves at the pleasure of the PM.
  2. There are no specific qualifications for the position as there is for the appointment of a judge or a judge to the SC of C.
  3. The AG in a minister in the parliamentary cabinet and attends cabinet meetings as do all ministers.
  4. The AG does not or should not make arbitrary decisions without seeking outside opinion on major points of law particularly where a new law has been passed.
  5. If the AG disagreed with the various points of law in the ADP then there was ample time to speak up when the ADP was drawn up.
  6. The PM is the overseer of the cabinet and all ministers respond to the PM including the AG.

Newfie golf

Two newfie golfers were teeing off on a foggy par-3. They could see the flag, but not the green. 
The first golfer hit his ball into the fog, and the second golfer does the same. They proceed to the green to try and find their balls.
One ball was about six feet from the cup while the other found its way into the cup for a hole-in-one. 
Both were playing the same type of ball, a Titleist 2, and couldn’t determine which ball was which.
They decided to ask the golf pro to decide their fate.
After congratulating both golfers on their fine shots, the golf pro asked, “Which one of you used the orange one?” 

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George Carlin's Greatest Speech

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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Tuesday's Ride - Jay Leno's Baker Electric Car

Montreal Simon on Twitter

I believe Andrew Scheer's serial lying, his misogyny, his racism, his homophobia, and his climate change denial, to be a far greater danger to this country and its values than an alleged minor ethical violation in a non scandal. So I still

Without incest, without rape and without subjugation the republican/conservative base would not exist. It is how conservatism was formed.

King’s comment is rooted in the belief that rape is a legitimate form of sex, as is sex that’s forced or coerced through subjugation & control. It’s relevant that King says this while defending his anti-choice bill restricting abortion, which seeks to control anyone w/ a uterus.

Link wEJRwjUv9Y2KzKZqpnO9F2D8d1Cnex4oqOyakJHje5iwGuWp0

Comment by Alfred Apps LLP

Trudeau was acting in the “public interest”, not a “private interest”. THE ETHICS COMMISSIONER WAS WRONG. He misunderstands our OECD Treaty, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the Criminal Code amendments of 2018 and the legislative purpose and intent of the introduction of the DPA, as well as the application of analogous tools in other jurisdictions. SNC-Lavalin is not and was not a criminal organization like the mafia where every member is properly presumed to be a criminal but, rather, an organization where the actions of a few individuals put tens of thousands of innocent Canadians (employees, customers, shareholders, pensioners) at risk. There WAS a legitimate public interest of primary concern which the PM and his staff took seriously. And the AG seriously fell short in the proper exercise of her discretion including her arbitrary refusal to follow best practice by seeking a second opinion in respect of her role in light of the 2018 Criminal Code amendments. The real scandal here is the complete failure of the Ethics Commissioner to understand the lawful and proper consideration of the public interest in this matter. The Ethics Commissioner should have secured a legal opinion too. His findings are complete and unadulterated BULLSHIT!!

sun gazing quotes

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Gladiator OST - Elysium, Honor Him

Monday, August 19, 2019

Monday's Ride - 2008 Harley-Davidson® FLHTCU - Electra Glide® Ultra Classic® with Sideca...

Yes Man TV Ad | Andrew Scheer: His Weakness Will Cost You

The dangers of electing Andrew Scheer

The Calgary Oil and Gas Execs Backing Scheer Might Surprise You

Their smallish firms have plummeted in value, even as they rake in big

\The oil and gas executives quietly working to get Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer elected prime minister this fall aren’t who you might expect.

They’re not associated with big multinational companies like Shell, BP and Exxon, many of which are leaving the Alberta oilsands because they see expensive, high-carbon oil as a financial risk. Nor do these executives lead big Canadian producers such as Suncor and Syncrude, whose innovations largely built the industry.

Instead, the businesspeople who this spring organized a secret election strategy meeting for Scheer — and another fundraising event in June — earn big salaries running oil and gas companies most Canadians outside Calgary have never heard of.

Scheers plan is a scam

Rising global temperatures wreak havoc on urban "heat islands"

Most U.S. cities are at risk of experiencing extreme heat thanks to the "urban heat island effect" that's causing cities to warm as much as 50% faster than the rest of the country.
Why it matters: July was the hottest month ever recorded globally, and it was especially brutal for major metros.
"The extreme heat we’re seeing right now is the result of both climate change and urban development patterns. Cities have to think about the long-term implications of the changing environment."
— Katharine Burgess, vice president of urban resilience at the Urban Land Institute
The big picture: Severe heat wreaks havoc on cities' infrastructure, like electric grids, and presents serious public health risks.
City planners and developers are rethinking urban design to keep buildings and people cool as temperatures rise, according to a new report by the Urban Land Institute first shared with Axios.
  • Extreme heat may be a material risk: Moody's, Fitch Ratings and S&P Global warned that credit ratings could take into account cities' strategies for dealing with climate change. That could significantly impact cities' ability to raise capital and finance projects.
  • Midsized U.S. cities can expect about a 1% GDP loss by 2050 due to increased expenses and reduced growth associated with rising temperatures.

Chú chó biết nói làm rúng động thế giới

Thanks Kerry

Catamount/Milto Vermont

Hi Bob.
On your note of Catamount drag & raceways in VT brings back a lot of good memories.
Went to the raceway with my 2 boys every week along with the Ekhoffs also from the park.
It was a great track with a bunch of drivers from QC like Cabana, Cavanaugh, Aubin, LaPearl
& from the states like the Dragon brothers, Mcabe, Dion, Crouch ect. I have kept in touch with a fellow
from Milton who now lives in Swanton. Bill has a web site on Catamount along with many pictures & a very interesting
reading of a lot of the  northern tracks.
Hope people enjoy it.

Thanks Norman



Well, A Girl Potato and Boy Potato had   eyes for
each other, And finally they got married   and had a little sweet  Potato, who they   Called   'Yam.'

Of course, they wanted the best  for Yam.
When it was time, they told her  about the facts
of life. They warned her about going   Out and getting   Half-baked, so she wouldn't get accidentally   mashed, and Get a bad name for herself like 'Hot  Potato,' and End up with a bunch of tater   tots.

Yam said not to worry, no Spud would   get her into the sack and make a rotten potato out of her!

But on the other hand she wouldn't   stay home and become a Couch Potato either.

She would get plenty of exercise  so as not to be skinny like her shoestring cousins.

When she went off to
   Europe,  Mr. And Mrs. Potato told Yam   To watch out For the hard-boiled guys from   Ireland and the greasy guys from France called the French fries.   And

When she went out West, to   
Watch out for the Indians so she wouldn't get   
scalloped...Yam said she would stay on the  
straight and   Narrow and wouldn't associate   
with Those high class Yukon Golds, or
the ones from the other side of the tracks who advertise their trade on   all the trucks that say,   
'Frito Lay.'

Mr. And Mrs. Potato sent Yam to  Idaho P.U. (that's   Potato University ) so that when she graduated   she'd really be in the chips.

But in spite of all they did for  Her, one-day Yam came home  And announced she was   
Going to   marry Tom Brokaw.

Tom Brokaw!   Mr And Mrs.  Potato were very upset.They told Yam she couldn't  
Possibly marry Tom Brokaw because he's just.......   
Are you ready for   this?

Are you sure?   



Here it is!   


Thanks Randy (posted in memory of Randy who sent me many, many e-mail jokes)