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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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Sad state of affairs fo Canada when your Prime Minister is void of any moral fiber

The real Bruce Carson scandal

The former Harper adviser was one of a group of players from government and the energy business who worked to muzzle a debate about energy and climate change.

The Bruce Carson trial grabbed headlines with charges of influence peddling by one of Prime Minister Harper’s closest former advisers. It is a juicy tale, but the real scandal is that Carson was one of a group of players from the government and the energy business who worked to muzzle a debate about energy and climate change that was — and is — vital to our economic future.
Canada has an opportunity to lead the world in tackling critical policy questions at the interface of climate science and energy, but the Carson case is a sobering reminder that such leadership depends on academic institutions that can deliver policy-relevant analysis that is independent from government. Sadly, in this instance, university administrators fell asleep at the switch.
I know because I was there. In the spring of 2004, University of Calgary President Harvey Weingarten recruited me back to Canada to help build a top-notch research centre that would inform the hard energy choices faced by Alberta, Canada, and the larger world.
In September 2006, I travelled to Ottawa with Weingarten to showcase our efforts and help raise funds. We met with Carson, who was seen as the prime minister’s go-to guy for climate policy, an increasingly hot topic as the Kyoto accord gained visibility. My impression of Carson then and in succeeding months was of a gruff lawyer keen to cut through the spin and craft a middle-ground deal on climate policy.

Your bottom feeding Conservative government record

1936 Studebaker Dictator Business Coupe - Park ridge, New Jersey

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Old photos from the Simard collection

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

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Conservatives: A party of desperate bottom feeders ..... No morals, No scruples, No conscience

Tory campaign ‘mistake’ angers Terry Fox’s family: ‘There is no place in the fight against cancer for politics’

VANCOUVER • The federal Conservatives are facing an unexpected backlash from Terry Fox’s family and friends, who insist they were not enthusiastic about the party’s pledge to match Terry Fox Run donations if re-elected, and say they found the campaign event in poor taste.
One longtime friend and confidante of Fox said the announcement, made Sunday by outgoing Conservative MP James Moore, was “so wrong on so many levels.”
“There is no place in the fight against cancer for politics,” said Bill Vigars, who organized public relations for the Marathon of Hope in 1980.
The Terry Fox Foundation, which has for years avoided politicizing Fox’s legacy, issued a statement Monday underlining their non-partisan status.
So wrong on so many levels
Moore — the federal Industry Minister, who is not seeking re-election — said Sunday in Port Moody, B.C., that a Conservative government would commit up to $35 million to match donations made during this year’s Terry Fox Run, if the party is re-elected in October.
Moore was accompanied by Laureen Harper, wife of Conservative leader Stephen Harper, and Tim Laidler, the party’s candidate in the Port Moody-Westwood-Port Coquitlam riding.

Your bottom feeding Conservative government record

1981 Stutz Blackhawk Iv Porte Sedan - Volo, Illinois

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Country Band SnakeBite - All Night Long

The Old Vic theater and Victoria Ave

Monday, September 28, 2015

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Harperman, a Protest Song

Sing-Along Locations

LOCATIONS: Scroll down to see the 45 “Harperman” Sing-Alongs confirmed to date. More are the works!  Hear and learn about the song on the main page  Most sing-alongs, but not all, will happen on Thursday September 17th.  Times vary.
No sing-along in your town or city? You are welcome to create one and join in the fun! Visit the Downloads page to get the words and music. Let everyone know what you are doing at the Ottawa Facebook Page, and we’ll add your community to the map and list of all the sing-alongs we have found across Canada.

Copy and paste the link above to your "view sie information" at top of screen to see locations near you.

Your bottom feeding Conservative record


1968 Sunbeam Alpine - Mundelein, Illinois

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The old pool hall over the Victoria Theater and Ranger Hardware on Victoriar

Sunday, September 27, 2015

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Disrespecting new voters is always a bad idea but college or university students is just dumb

Susan Truppe, Tory Candidate, Mocked After Declining Student Debate Invitation

Students at Huron University College wanted answers from their Conservative candidate Monday, but they ended up directing their questions to an empty chair.
Susan Truppe, the Conservative incumbent in the Ontario riding of London North Centre, was the only federal party candidate to decline participation in a debate organized by the school.

Student Aidan Fullerton on FB

I would like to personally thank our local Conservative party candidate Susan Truppe (pictured below) for her meaningful contribution to the candidates debate tonight at Huron College. Incredibly, she managed to express her party's entire platform with regards to human rights and the economy. She also verbalized *every single thing* that I like about the Conservative party of Canada. Truppe made a clear and succinct statement about her views on political engagement and the democratic process tonight, and again for that I thank her.

Stephen Harper Reacts To Harperman Song

Your bottom feeding Conservative record


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2014 Tesla Model S 85 Kwh - Bellevue, Washington

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Purin The Most Talented Dog Ever

Old photos from the St. Lambert Swimming Club