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Monday, September 21, 2015

Old-Stock Canadian

In the "Harper Dictionary of Canadianism" the meaning of "Old-Stock" is those Canadians who have Canadian citizenship for 1 or more generations.....

What does that make my son-in-law and his mother and brothers? Better yet what does that make my grandchildren?

 My son-in-laws family took a circuitous route to Canada. His father (East Indian) was the Goodyear Tire representative for the Middle East and his mother (Armenian) were living in Iran when Andy was born. The Shaw of Iran was overthrown and the family quickly relocated to Greece where their number 2 son was born. They then made their way to America where, before establishing themselves as Canadians, number 3 son was born.

All are firmly immersed in Canadian society however under Harper’s tyrannical view of citizenship even my grandchildren could be designated as persona non grata should his “bigotness” so declare.

How about our oldest sons wife and family, they emigrated here from England? Do they get special dispensation because they are a part of the Commonwealth? 

They are agnostics and have not been baptized, does that mean they will be persecuted under Harper's Christian only policy?

Or our younger son who converted to Islam and married a Muslim woman, what happens to her and her family since they too are not "Old-Stock".

Although my ancestors came to the America's in the 16th and 17th century I do not consider myself as "Old-Stock", I find the term offensive to all those who, in Stephen Harper's mind, are not pure Canadian.

In one sweeping statement Stephen Harper has segregated many in the Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, German, East Indian, Pakistan, etc; etc; communities.

Stephen Harper is a sick bastard and needs to be defeated before he opens concentration camps for new Canadians.

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