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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Under the Harper Conservatives, Democracy is Lost

By Patch O'Cool:

protections of our lakes and waterways to corporate interests) in omnibus budget bills, no MP is able to vote their conscience, there is not proper debate, our voices through our MP are not heard, and democracy is lost.

By stacking the senate with undereducated "yes" men and women, and then whipping the senate, we have lost the value of our "chamber of sober second thought" which was formed to put the brakes on the power of a runaway house of commons, and democracy is lost.
By muzzling scientists who could speak out about the harm that some of Harper's policies are doing, the citizens cannot vote with full information, and democracy is lost.

By misdirecting people to incorrect polling stations in 2011, democracy is lost. Federal Court Judge Richard Mosley: "the calls “struck at the integrity of the electoral process by attempting to dissuade voters from casting ballots for their preferred candidates. This form of ‘voter suppression,’ was, until the 41st General Election, largely unknown in this country.”(conviction of Michael Sona also included a finding he was not alone in his actions)

By overspending on elections, Harper has denied democracy to us. (The judge in sentencing Dean Del Mastro stated:"The offences were the very “antithesis” of democracy and an “affront” to the principles of Canada’s democratic system, Cameron said.") The accountant in that case was also found guilty. Harper gave Del Mastro a graceful send off in Parliament.

Let's not forget 2011 election of Peter Penashue in Labrador whose official agent Reginald Bowers, in the 2011 federal election campaign was also charged with violating the election Act in connection with ineligible contributions. Penashue had to repay $30,000 in contributions.
In 2006, there were more charges of election fraud overspending against the Conservatives because huge amounts of cash were transferred from the federal party to the riding associations. . The money was then distributed to the volunteers who then donated that money back to the party. Pretty slick. And totally fraudulent. That is an affront to our democratic process.

Recall back in 2011 - Harper and his cabinet ministers flatly refused to give relevant and crucial financial information to the elected MPs in the House of Commons and th Harper government was found to be in Contempt of Parliament. Minister Bev Oda was found in Contempt at least once, if not twice, if I recall correctly. When our government cannot be trusted to give MPs full and accurate financial information with which to base their representation of us, the voters, democracy is lost.

Harper hired three time convicted fraudster, Bruce Carson as his chief of staff, and admits to knowing the guy had been convicted of fraud before he hired him. He appointed Brazeau without looking into his background of the Human Rights complaints by female staff members, or the fact he has not paid his $100 per month in child support. He appointed Don Merideth to the senate without checking out his credentials.

Harper appointed Arthur Porter to the Security Intelligence Review Committee, the independent body that oversees the CSIS, knowing he had been accused of being involved in bribery related to the construction of a hospital.

This is the tip of the iceberg in facts relating to Stephen Harper. This is not partisanship. This is information. This is concerning to all because of the loss of our democracy.

Details from the Duffy case show that minions - non elected staff members - from the PMO (which has grown exponentially in size under Stephen Harper) are telling the senators what to do. The executive branch is not supposed to influence the senate. That reduces our democracy and the basis of our Parliamentary system of checks and balances.

These are just a small number of facts that really piss me off viscerally and that I think voters need to consider when they are going to the voting booth.

Thanks Patch

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