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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday's Vehicle - 1967 Valiant

Thank you "Fatnino" and Harper - nice show of support for our hero's

France to help cover Canadian vet's travel costs for D-Day anniversary 

As a young corporal, Stanley Fields was among the first Canadians to storm Juno Beach in Normandy.

“When our buddies were being shot and killed, we weren’t allowed to stop and move them,” Fields told CTV News. “Keep on going, that’s what we got orders to do.”

Fields, now 95 years old, plans to return to the site of the invasion that marked the turning point in the Second World War.

Last March, Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino announced the government would offer $2,000 to any veteran to help cover travel costs to Normandy, so they could help commemorate the 70th anniversary of D-Day on June 6.

But while Fields applied for the travel subsidy, he says the funds don’t even come close to covering the cost of the trip to France.

“You have wheelchairs involved, you have people with reduced mobility even for getting in and out of bed,” said Fields’ partner Jean Kelly.

Luckily, Fields and his family were able to obtain help from another source: the local government in Normandy offered to pay for the family’s hotels, and offered more than $4,300 to help cover the travel costs for his spouse and daughter.

Read more:

Tories spending $4M more on veterans ads to counter 'misinformation': Fantino

OTTAWA - Veterans Affairs is spending an additional $4 million on advertising this year — including television spots throughout the NHL playoffs — but ignoring the plight of families who care for injured soldiers, says the spouse of a veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder.

An angry Jenifer Migneault chased after Julian Fantino and demanded to speak to the veterans affairs minister following his appearance Thursday at a House of Commons committee hearing.

The spectacle played out before a crush of reporters, television cameras and microphones in a scene reminiscent of Fantino's testy encounter last winter with veterans angry about the closure of federal offices.

This time Fantino — whose image took a bruising in the last encounter — chose not to stop and explain the government's position.

Stephen Harpers "The Stupid Canadian Society" progam

Federal government quietly collapses literacy and essential skills network

Without an announcement or any consultation, it appears that the federal government has decided to quietly collapse Canada’s national literacy and essential skills network. This is happening at the same time as community literacy programs across Canada experience a seismic shift and uncertainty of sustained operations, while millions of dollars in federal funding is being effectively diverted from federal-provincial Labour Market Agreements and redirected to the unproven Canada Job Grant program.

Birds n things -- watch this!

 Got to watch it.

    This is an amazing illusionist.

            Make it full screen

Thanks Heidi

Do you know where your food is from?

This was shown on "60 Minutes" a few weeks ago.  Disgusting !

Starkist Tuna is now owned by Korea, and is in big conflict with the U.S.
concerning quality, safety, and records, which Korea refuses to provide.

There have been several articles on Google about this, and even one that was
defending the eating of tilapia said to avoid the fish that came from China.
Also, I had just returned home from buying Albertson's 4-day special of 4
bags of frozen tilapia for the price of one.  Sure enough, on the top of the
bags, it read "farm raised", and on the bottom in small print it said,
"China ".

Recently a Food inspector on TV said he had lived overseas and he had seen
the filthy conditions their foods are raised and processed in.  It is enough
to make you throw up.  Some foreign workers have to wear masks as they work
in these places, because the food is so rotten and filthy, it makes them
want to throw up.  Many of their fish on Fish Farms are fed RAW SEWAGE
daily.  He said he has seen so much filth throughout their food growing and
processing that he would "never" eat any of it.  They raise this filth, put
some food coloring and some flavorings on it, then they ship it to the USA &
Canada for YOU to consume and feed to YOUR families.  They have no Food &
Safety Inspectors. They ship it to you to buy and poison your families and

Imported food we eat and the junk we buy

Green Giant frozen vegetables are from China, and so are most of Europe's

Arctic Gardens are Okay.  So is Birdseye.

Never buy the grocery store garlic unless it is clearly marked from USA or
Canada, the other stuff is grown in people poop (even worse than chicken

China is the largest producer of garlic in the world U.S. is next.

Buy only local honey, much honey is shipped in huge containers from China
and re-packed here.

Cold-FX is grown and packed in China and is full of fecal bacteria.  Doesn't
work anyway, big scam.

If the country of origin is not clearly marked beware.

If produce, ask an employee.

Watch out for packages which state "prepared for", "packed by" or "imported
by".  I don't understand the lack of mandatory labeling, especially the

The country of origin should be clearly shown on the item in the store.  I
go to the local farmers' markets in season and keep a wary eye open the rest
of the year.

Please read this very carefully, and read to the very bottom.  It's
important for all of us.

How is it possible to ship food from China cheaper than having it produced
in the U.S. or Canada?



Beware, Costco sells canned peaches and pears in a plastic jar that come
from China.


Recently The Montreal Gazette had an article by the Canadian Government on
how Chinese feed the fish: They suspend chicken wire crates over the fish
ponds, and the fish feed on chicken s--t.  If you search the internet about
what the Chinese feed their fish, you'll be alarmed; e.g., growth hormones,
expired anti-biotic from humans.  Never buy any type of fish or shellfish
that comes from these countries: Vietnam, China, or the Philippines.

Check this out personally.  I did.  Steinfeld's Pickles are made in India -
just as bad!

Another example is in canned mushrooms.  No-Name brand came from Indonesia.

Also check those little fruit cups.  They used to be made in Canada in the
Niagara region until about 2 years ago.  They are now packaged in China!

While the Chinese export inferior and even toxic products, dangerous toys,
and goods to be sold in North American markets, the media wrings its hands!

Yet, 70% of North Americans believe that the trading privileges afforded to
the Chinese should be suspended!

Well, duh! Why do you need the government to suspend trading privileges?


Simply look on the bottom of every product you buy, and if it says 'Made in
China' or 'PRC' (and that now includes Hong Kong), simply choose another
product, or none at all.  You will be amazed at how dependent you are on
Chinese products, and you will be equally amazed at what you can do without.


If 200 million North Americans refuse to buy just $20 each of Chinese goods,
that's a billion dollar trade imbalance resolved in our favor... fast!  The
downside?  Some Canadian/American businesses will feel a temporary pinch
from having foreign stockpiles of inventory.

Just one month of trading losses will hit the Chinese for 8% of their North
American exports.  Then they will at least have to ask themselves if the
benefits of their arrogance and lawlessness are worth it.
Thanks Shirley

David Is To Be Returned To Italy

After a two year loan to the United States,

Michelangelo's David is being returned to Italy.

His Proud Sponsors were:

Thanks Pat H

Remembering Sam Berns

Thanks Sylvia

Drinking with Yorkshire Lass

A Romanian, an Arab
and a Yorkshire Lass are in the same bar

When the Romanian  finishes his beer
he throws his glass in the air, pulls out
his pistol and shoots
the glass to pieces.
He says,
'In Romania
our glasses are so

cheap we don't need

to drink with the same one twice'
The Arab,
obviously impressed by this,
drinks his non-alcoholic beer
(cuz he's a Muslim!),
throws it into the air,
pulls out his
AK-47 and shoots
the glass to pieces.
He says 'In the
Arab world, we have
so much sand to make
glasses that we don't
need to drink with
the same one twice either'

The Yorkshire Lass,
cool as a cucumber,
picks up her beer,

downs it in one gulp,
throws the glass into
the air, whips out her
Colt 45 and shoots the
Romanian and the Arab.

Catching her glass,
setting it on the bar and calling
for a refill,

she says  'In Yorkshire

we have so many
illegal immigrants that
we don't have to
drink with the same ones twice'

God Bless Yorkshire !!
Thanks Richard

Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday;s Vehicle - 1959 Chevrolet

"Rock the Hill 2014" - June 4th 2014

May 28, 2014

“Rock The Hill 2014” on Course to be Canada’s Largest Demonstration in Support of Veterans in Almost a Century

Ottawa, May 28, 2014 –Veterans, families and fellow Canadians will come together on Parliament Hill beginning June 4, 2014. This peaceful gathering is set to be the largest demonstration in support of veterans since the First World War, which began 100 years ago.

Unlike the politically scripted photo ops of military members and veterans which have inundated Canada’s media these past eight years, “Rock the Hill” is a truly grassroots apolitical initiative bringing Canadians together with veterans and their families.

“Rock the Hill” kicks off with a motorcycle ride in front of Parliament on June 4th (2:00pm) followed by a march past of veterans (2:15pm). Keynote speakers consist of a who’s who of Canada’s most prominent modern veteran advocates including Ronald Clarke, Mike Blais, Pat Stogran, David Macleod, The Equitas Society and Sean Bruyea. There will also be two veteran's spouses speaking to the issues the families face. Events will continue through to June 7th or longer.
At the steps of Canada’s seat of democracy, Canadians will join together with those who sacrificed to preserve our most sacred democratic institution. Their goal is to change the path of Canada’s abandonment of her veterans from despair to hope. Our Canadian Forces veterans including those who served in Afghanistan, Canada’s longest war, deserve more than two minutes of silence and a photo op.

“Rock the Hill” is calling upon all Canadians to offer their support in numerous ways:

  1) If you are in the Ottawa area from June 4 to 7th, and could continue much longer, get to know your Canadian veterans, share some good times and hear their stories

  2) If you are a veteran, come support other veterans and share your stories

  3) If you can’t come out, please consider donating to the cause. Any surplus funds will be donated to a yet to be determined charity providing direct assistance to veterans and their families.

  4) If you are a music creator of family friendly rock and roll, please contact us
Date:June 4 to 19th

  Location:Parliament Hill, Ottawa

  Contact Information: To book a time to play music or for an interview.

  Please contact Rob Gallant. Telephone Home: 902-765-4186 Cell: 902-844-2468

Conservatives: The party of extreme entitlement and waste

Cabinet ministers on P&P get $1.3-million more on ministerial staff annually: report

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government spends $50-million to $60-million annually on ministerial staff, including $8-million on the PMO, and ministers who are on the powerful Cabinet Priorities and Planning Committee spend $1.3-million more annually on staff than others who don’t make it to the “inner” Cabinet, says Jennifer Robson, a former staffer now teaching at Carleton University who recently concluded an analysis of ministerial staff spending based on the government’s public accounts.

“The PMO is indeed mammoth compared to staffing afforded to other members of the ministry. It is also clear that more privileged members of the ministry have significantly larger budgets for their personal staff, whether they have large or small departmental budgets or many or few public servants in their portfolio to work with,” said Ms. Robson in her analysis, which she’s presenting this week at the annual Canadian Political Science Association Conference at Brock University.

As if we don;t have enough problems in Ontario

Ontario Election 2014: Tim Hudak Tries To Woo New Canadians

TORONTO - A Progressive Conservative government would make Ontario the "number one"
destination in Canada for skilled would-be immigrants, PC Leader Tim Hudak said Tuesday as he tried to woo new Canadians ahead of the June 12 election.

Speaking at a town hall meeting in east-end Toronto, Hudak said the Liberal government has been "dramatically" underutilizing the provincial nominee program, which allows provinces to recruit newcomers.

"This is about taking advantage of existing programs that the federal government has, that the (former premier Dalton) McGuinty and (Premier Kathleen) Wynne government, frankly, have turned their backs on," Hudak said.

"I want to see Ontario as the best place for new Canadians, not Manitoba, not Saskatchewan, not Alberta, not British Columbia."

Canada for sale..... next Medicare????

Most Canadians don't realize it, but this country has been an international leader, the world's largest single supplier of medical isotopes used in nuclear imaging, for more than 50 years.
But all of that is about to end. Buried deep in the federal budget bill, now winding its way toward approval, is something called the Nordion and Theratronics Divestiture Authorization Act.
In a few short sentences that amendment removes all foreign ownership restrictions on Canada's medica...l isotope processor, Nordion, paving the way for the former Crown corporation to be sold to a U.S. firm.

 The buyer, Sterigenics, is ready and waiting with an offer on the table. Shareholders will vote on May 27.

The made-in-Canada isotope shortage facing medical scans

Albert Mann winced as he sat upright on the scanner bed to talk to me. A large camera had just processed an image of his body, reading the gamma rays radiating from his bones.

I asked him what he had to do to prepare for this test. "What did I have to do? Get cancer," he said.

Down the hall, seven other camera rooms were buzzing with patients having similar scans. At this hospital in Brampton, Ont., the machines run six days a week.

Across Canada, about 20,000 patients undergo nuclear imaging procedures every week and the field of nuclear medicine is growing around the world.

But almost all of it rests on an increasingly fragile supply of radioactive isotopes, a short-lived medical product made mostly by small research reactors, and a looming shortage has specialists worried.

Doobie Brothers - Takin' It To The Streets (High Quality)

5 short stories. A must read

 These are 5 beautiful stories that should make us all think and perhaps adjust our priorities!

1 - First Important Lesson - Cleaning Lady.
During my second month of college, our professor
gave us a pop quiz. I was a conscientious student and had breezed through the questions until I read the last one:
"What is the first name of the woman who cleans the school?"
surely this was some kind of joke. I had seen the
cleaning woman several times. She was tall,
dark-haired and in her 50's, but how would I know her name?

I handed in my paper, leaving the last question
blank. Just before class ended, one student asked if
the last question would count toward our quiz grade.

"Absolutely, " said the professor. "In your careers,
you will meet many people.  All are significant...They
deserve your attention and care, even if all you do
is smile and say "hello."

I've never forgotten that lesson. I also learned her
name was Dorothy.

2. - Second Important Lesson - Pickup in the Rain

One night at 11:30 p.m., an older African American
woman was standing on the side of an Alabama highway
trying to endure a lashing rain storm. Her car had
broken down and she desperately needed a ride.
soaking wet, she decided to flag down the next car.
A young white man stopped to help her, generally
unheard of in those conflict-filled 1960's. The man
took her to safety, helped her get assistance and
put her into a taxicab.

She seemed to be in a big hurry, but wrote down his
address and thanked him. Seven days went by and a
knock came on the man's door. To his surprise, a
giant console color TV was delivered to his home. A
special note was attached.
It read:

"Thank you so much for assisting me on the highway
the other night. The rain drenched not only my
clothes, but also my spirits.  Then you came along.
because of you, I was able to make it to my dying
husband's' bedside just before he passed away...God
bless you for helping me and unselfishly serving

Mrs. Nat King Cole.

3 - Third Important Lesson - Always remember those who serve.

In the days when an ice cream sundae cost much less,
a 10-year-old boy entered a hotel coffee shop and
sat at a table. A waitress put a glass of water in
front of him.

"How much is an ice cream sundae?" he asked.

"Fifty cents," replied the waitress.

The little boy pulled his hand out of his pocket and
studied the coins in it.

"Well, how much is a plain dish of ice cream?" he inquired.

By now more people were waiting for a table and the
waitress was growing impatient.

"Thirty-five cents," she brusquely replied.

The little boy again counted his coins.

"I'll have the plain ice cream," he said.
The waitress brought the ice cream, put the bill on
the table and walked away. The boy finished the ice
cream, paid the cashier and left.  When the waitress
came back, she began to cry as she wiped down the
table.  There, placed neatly beside the empty dish,
were two nickels and five pennies.

You see,  he couldn't  have the sundae, because he had
to have enough left to leave her a tip.

4 - Fourth Important Lesson.. - The obstacle in Our Path.
In ancient times, a King had a boulder placed on a
roadway.  Then he hid himself and watched to see if
anyone would remove the huge rock.  Some of the
King's wealthiest merchants and courtiers came by
and simply walked around it.  Many loudly blamed the
King for not keeping the roads clear, but none did
anything about getting the stone out of the way.

Then a peasant came along carrying a load of
vegetables.  Upon approaching the boulder, the
peasant laid down his burden and tried to move the
stone to the side of the road.  After much pushing
and straining, he finally succeeded. After the
peasant picked up his load of vegetables, he noticed
a purse lying in the road where the boulder had
been. The purse contained many gold coins and a note
from the King indicating that the gold was for the
person who removed the boulder from the roadway.  The
peasant learned what many of us never understand!

Every obstacle presents an opportunity to improve
our condition.

5 - Fifth Important Lesson - Giving When it Counts...
Many years ago, when I worked as a volunteer at a
hospital, I got to know a little girl named Liz who
was suffering from a rare & serious disease.  Her only
chance of recovery appeared to be a blood
transfusion from her 5-year old brother, who had
miraculously survived the same disease and had
developed the antibodies needed to combat the
illness.  The doctor explained the situation to her
little brother, and asked the little boy if he would
be willing to give his blood to his sister.

I saw him hesitate for only a moment before taking a
deep breath and saying, "Yes I'll do it if it will save
her."  As the transfusion progressed, he lay in bed
next to his sister and smiled, as we all did, seeing
the color returning to her cheek. Then his face
grew pale and his smile faded.

He looked up at the doctor and asked with a
trembling voice, "Will I start to die right away".

Being young, the little boy had misunderstood the
doctor; he thought he was going to have to give his
sister all of his blood in order to save her.

Thanks Richard

Évangéline de Annie Blanchard - lyrics


 An Department of Safety Officer pulled over a pick-up truck owner for a faulty taillight. When the officer approached the driver, the man behind the wheel handed the officer his driver’s license, insurance card and a concealed weapon carry permit.

The officer took all the documents, looked them over and said. "Mr. Smith, I see you have a CCP. Do you have any weapons with you?"

The driver replied, " Yes sir, I have a 357 handgun in a hip holster, a .45 in the glove box and a .22 derringer in my boot."

The officer looked at the driver and asked, "Anything else?"

"Yes sir, I have a Mossberg 500 12 gauge and an AR-15 behind the seat."

The officer asked if the man was driving to or from a shooting range and the man said he wasn't, so the officer bent over and looked into the driver's face and said "Mr. Smith, you're carrying quite a few guns.

May I ask what you are afraid of?

Mr. Smith locked eyes with the officer and calmly answered,
   "Not a thing! Not even Government"
Thanks Richard

Aug(De)Mented Reality

Thanks Sylvia


Thanks Kerry

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursday's Vehicle - 1954 Lincoln

Killing Medicare......

The funding for the health accord has ended. Harperites will lie and tell you that they are continuing to fund at 6% per year. That is a half truth and a half lie The funding will decrease in 2017 and drop to 3%. Anything more will depend on the GDP of the province. That means those provinces that are in the best employment and growth position will garner the most federal dollars. That is exactly the opposite of what is needed. 

Harper's history of wanting to destroy Health Care is long and well documented. He dare not do it outright. He is doing it in stages... and lying.

Thanks Robin

1/2 Billion on outside lawyers - Harpers economic prudence

Harper Government Under Fire Over $482 Million In Outside Legal Fees

OTTAWA – The Conservative government has spent $482 million on outside legal fees since it came to power in 2006. And more than $447,045 to defend the Prime Minister, his staff and ministers, according to documents tabled in the House of Commons.

“It’s just a shocking number,” Liberal MP Sean Casey told The Huffington Post Canada Wednesday.
“They closed Veterans [Affairs]’ district offices and saved $5 million bucks, [but] over the past eight years, they’ve spent half a billion on outside lawyers. It’s pretty stark.”

Casey, the Grits’ justice critic who requested the departmental costs, said the $481,927,263 spent since April 2006, and shared between 27 departments and their agencies, is proof of how many lawsuits and appeals the Conservative government has initiated while in power.

The top spender was the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution, which spent roughly $30 million a year on non-government lawyers to conduct federal prosecutions for a total of $245 million. Other departments that relied heavily on outside legal services include: Foreign Affairs ($80 million), Canada Revenue Agency ($40.6 million), Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development ($25 million), Correctional Service Canada ($17.4 million), Fisheries and Oceans ($12.2 million) and Natural Resources ($9.2 million).

Although the Department of Justice employs approximately 2,500 lawyers who defend the government on all types of matters, it also relies on private-sector law practitioners to carry out its mandate, spokeswoman Carole Saindon said Wednesday.

A disgusting display of poor judgement or intent to defraud the Canadian taxpayer?

Hey Stevie, start with ‘I’m sorry’ and go from there

Stephen Harper owes Canadians an explanation and now would be a good time to offer it.
How did a lawyer twice convicted of fraud, who went to jail for 18 months for stealing from his own clients, who was charged with influence peddling in 2012, and is now facing three new counts of illegal lobbying and another of influence peddling – how did such a talented guy get to sit at the right hand of power in the Prime Minister’s Office?

Logic suggests that there are only a few possible explanations:
  • Did officials in the PCO who did the vetting simply blow it when it came to Carson’s multiple convictions – 1982 and 1990, plus his bankruptcy?
  • Did the RCMP just drop the ball on his security check?
  • Did Carson lie about his past crimes?
  • Or did Carson’s manager in the PMO override the security check, as is possible? And who was that manager, the chief of staff of the day, or the Stephen Harper himself?

Michael Harris tells it like it is...... read more

Bloody bone headed liars

Joe Oliver gets it wrong on jobs 3 times in 30 seconds

The new Finance Minister is off to a rough start.

Joe Oliver stood up in the House of Commons this week and delivered three misleading statements in just 30 seconds about the jobs record since the Great Recession.

1.  Said 85% of jobs created have been full time

A recent report released by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, titled Canada's Labour Market Sputtered in 2013, found 95% of net jobs created last year were in part-time positions. Meanwhile, employment grew by a "mere" 0.6% in 2013, the slowest pace recorded since 2009.

Put another way, "that full-time employment growth is nearly flat in the past year while part-time job growth is up 2.5 per cent 'indicates that businesses are not eager to expand payrolls,'" according to Arlene Kish, senior principal economist at IHS Global Insight. She provided that analysis after a dismal Statistics Canada jobs report in January.

2. Said 1 million net new jobs have been created since July 2009

If you look at the Conservative record since the beginning of the recession in September 2008 – instead of from the extreme low point – it shows how far Canada still is from a full recovery.

Between September 2008 and September 2013, 653,400 jobs were added to the economy, and more than half of those new jobs (53.4%) were in sales and services, the lowest-paid occupational category. Further, 40.6% of these new jobs were in temporary, rather than permanent, positions. 

3. Said Canada’s job record is the best in the G7

You can only make that claim if you use very selective statistics.

For a more accurate picture, an analysis from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, using data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), shows Canada ranks 11th in real GDP recovery since the trough of the recession in a ranking of the world's most developed economies.

And when population growth and purchasing power are taken into account, Canada falls to 16th spot in real GDP per capita growth, behind G-7 countries Germany, Japan and the United States. That's fourth spot.


Thanks Randy


Thanks Norman


 A  gambler was at the horse races playing the ponies and all but losing his  shirt. He  noticed a Priest step out onto the track and blessed the forehead of one  of the horses lining up for the 4th race.

Lo  and behold, that horse - a very long shot - won the  race. Next race, as the horses lined up, the Priest  stepped onto the track. Sure enough, he blessed one of the  horses. The gambler made a beeline for a betting window  and placed a small bet on the horse. 
Again, even though it  was another long shot, the horse won the race.
Lo  and behold, that horse - a very long shot - won the  race. Next race, as the horses lined up, the Priest  stepped onto the track. Sure enough, he blessed one of the  horses. The gambler made a beeline for a betting window  and placed a small bet on the horse. 
Again, even though it  was another long shot, the horse won the race.
 ‘My Son,’ he said, ‘that’s the problem with you  Protestants, 
you can't tell the difference between a simple  blessing and last rites’.
Thanks Maria

How men peel apples


Thanks Kerry


During a long day of looking around a car show, me, and a couple of my friends, stopped  in at  "Hooter's"  for some Hot Wings and a few beers...

After being  there for a while, one of my friends asked me which waitress I would like  to be stuck in an elevator with.

I told them... 
The one who  knows how to fix elevators. I'm old, tired, and I pee a lot !!!

Thanks Richard

The Most Touching Speech Made by Bride's Father to the Groom

Thanks Kerry

Songs For The Baby Boomers.....

This is funny no matter who or how oldyou are!


Thanks Win


 This is why some men don't vacuum !

Thanks Normand

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesday's Vehicle - 1963 Chevy Nova

Bill C-23: This seen on the interwebs Monday night:

Dear Senators,

I am writing to ask that you vote to reject Bill 23, the so-called “Fair Elections Act.”

Many other Canadians will have written to you about the content of this bill which, even after having been amended, still contains a number of provisions that would be very damaging to our democracy should the bill become law.

Rather than cover that same ground, I would like to focus on the process by which this flawed legislation has been rammed through, and on your proper role as senators.

Just before Confederation, John A. Macdonald described what the role of the Senate would be in the new country of Canada:

"It must be an independent House, having a free action of its own, for it is only valuable as being a regulating body, calmly considering the legislation initiated by the popular branch, and preventing any hasty or ill considered legislation which may come from that body, but it will never set itself in opposition against the deliberate and understood wishes of the people."

I submit to you that this is one of those very rare occasions on which it is your duty to prevent what is clearly hasty and ill considered legislation coming from the House of Commons.

I say “very rare” because throughout most of Canada’s history, legislation arising from the House of Commons has represented the “deliberate and understood wishes of the people” – at least to some reasonable extent.

But currently you have a bill before you that does not represent the wishes of the people. The current majority government was elected by a minority of voters in the last general election. I understand that that’s a product of the way our electoral system works, and that majority governments tend to take advantage of their ability to push through the legislation they want.

However, never before in the history of Canada has a government – either minority or majority – rammed through legislation that changes the fundamental rules concerning our electoral process, without any meaningful consultation with the opposition parties or with the academic experts or with the individuals within Elections Canada who would be affected by the changes.

I have followed the progress of C-23 very closely since it was introduced in February of this year.
What I have witnessed has horrified me.

The Minister for Democratic reform (who is probably the most partisan MP in the Conservative caucus) has run around crowing that this is a “terrific bill” that is very popular. This is simply not true. As soon the academic experts had a chance to analyze this two-hundred-and-some page bill, they came out firmly against it. The Minister for Democratic reform called these scholars “self-proclaimed” experts, as if they had granted themselves their own PhDs. All of the opposition parties are against many of this bill’s provisions. Opposition MPs put forward, in good faith, over a hundred proposed amendments when the bill was at committee. Not one of their amendments was accepted -- not even the innocuous and helpful suggestion that Elections Canada indicate clearly on the Voter Information Card that it is no longer accepted as a form of ID. The Chief Electoral Officer pointed out grave concerns he had about the bill, and he was smeared as being biased and self-interested.
Those are the “elites” – academic experts, MPs, and the Chief Electoral Officer. But what about “ordinary Canadians”? From everything I’ve seen, the vast majority of Canadians who know even a little bit about the bill think it’s terrible too. Every poll that I’ve seen asking about this bill indicates that most informed Canadians think this is a bad bill. Recent comments on the Minister for Democratic Reform’s Facebook page (which comments may have been deleted by now) make it clear that the bill is wildly unpopular. I have screen shots of the hundreds of comments, and almost every single one of them was against the bill. I’ve been watching the newspapers across the country for letters to the editor on this bill, and from what I’ve seen they have been overwhelmingly negative too. I have compiled a list of organizations that oppose the bill, and it includes teachers’ associations, CARP, various unions, the Canadian Federation of Students, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association… and the list goes on.

So, there is every reason to believe that this is “ill considered legislation” and that it does not represent the “deliberate and understood wishes of the people”. In addition, it is “hasty”. Time allocation was used at every turn, and at the House Committee stage there wasn’t even time to consider every proposed amendment.

The PMO has such an iron grip of control over the Conservative MPs that whatever those MPs were hearing from their constituents about C-23 (and I predict that future Access to Information requests will show that the Conservative MPs were hearing a lot of objections), they felt they had no choice but to vote in favour of it.

You, however, as senators do not have to vote for a bill that does not reflect the “deliberate and understood wishes of the people”. Indeed, it is your duty to vote against it. To those of you who are Conservative senators, I say: you are independent, and I can’t bring myself to believe that you would submit to the indignity of having your vote whipped by your political party on any matter, let alone on a matter as fundamental as the rules by which we run our democracy.

There is treachery going on in Ottawa, and hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of Canadians know it. Surely each and every one of you can remember a time in Canada when Ministers of the Crown didn’t go around publicly smearing highly respected individuals who are Officers of Parliament or former Officers of Parliament. The current PMO and the current Cabinet have rendered the Lower House dysfunctional.

You have the power and the duty to protect our electoral system, each and every one of you as individual, independent senators.

During the recent Senate scandal, many people renewed the cynical call for the abolition of the Senate. I have been one of the staunchest defenders of your institution, and I have defended you by saying that you are a layer of protection against a rogue majority in the House. Well, rogues are what we have now. It’s time for you to protect us.

Here is Sir John A. Macdonald one last time:

"There would be no use of an Upper House, if it did not exercise, when it thought proper, the right of opposing or amending or postponing the legislation of the Lower House. It would be of no value whatever were it a mere chamber for registering the decrees of the Lower House."
If the Senate does not reject Bill C-23 outright, I will start working with other Canadians for its abolition. This is a critical moment for you. Please do the right thing.


 Chris Kelland, Ph.D.

The forgotten scandal

14 Days: Bribing a dying Independent MP with life insurance

THE FORGOTTEN SCANDAL:  From 2004 to 2009 Bruce Carson was a close aide to Stephen Harper. As usual, Stephen Harper poorly judged the character of one of his inner circle. Like many of Harper’s associates, Carson was involved with criminal activity. Carson’s newly published book, 14 Days admits to some of the most unsavoury pieces of dealings under Stephen Harper’s tenure. Amongst other admissions the book takes us back to the shameful bribery offer that was made to dying Independent MP Chuck Cadman, back in 2005. Two Conservative ‘team members’ (with Harper’s knowledge) offered the dying Independent MP Chuck Cadman a $1 Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy if he would just vote against Paul Martin in the upcoming Budget vote in 2005. Interestingly, Cadman’s widow Dona Cadman confirmed that her dying husband confided to her about this bribery before he died. It is widely believed that the two ‘team members’ were none other than Harper’s former ideological mentor, Tom Flanagan and Doug Finley. As usual, Harper got away with a callous crime and the Canadian public forgot or never knew it happened.

Dona Cadman is now a Tory MP and part of the silent majority in the Harper caucus.

Can you say Hmmmmmm?

TFW - WTF what ever name they call it it is still a Phuckup

INTERNAL DOCS: Tory minister didn't know he approved weaker TFW rules

The headline in the Globe and Mail said it all: "Temporary Yukon foreign worker program launched after mine layoffs."

It was late Friday, August 16, 2013, and Chris Alexander had only been serving as Immigration Minister for a month. But based on email correspondence released to PressProgress under access to information, his office knew right away they had an embarrassing political problem on their hands.
The PM was visiting the North, so Alexander’s office sent off a flurry of "very urgent" requests on Monday morning for bureaucrats in the Department of Citizenship and Immigration.

The government's TFW pilot project in the Yukon made it easier for employers to bring in temporary foreign workers in the mining and tourism industries. That included no fees for employers, no Labour Market Opinion required, and requiring only 14 days of advertising for job postings within the past 3 months (instead of 4 weeks), one email explained.

In addition to asking for "info on skills shortage (numerical data) in Yukon, by trades" within 45 minutes, the "Minister's Office [MINO] is interested in the approvals process for this Operational Bulletin for the Yukon Temporary Foreign Worker Annex Pilot Projects – Labour Market Opinion-Exempt Work Permits for Occupations Destined to the Oil, Gas, Mineral Exploration and Mining Industry or Tourism/Hospitality Industry]," an email explained.

Another email explained one key question: "Could you confirm when and by whom the [Operational Bulletin] was approved by?"

Turns out it was his own office just a few weeks earlier, the correspondence shows.

On Aug. 2, the Minister’s Office "approved" the Operational Bulletin in response to this request from bureaucrats to "greenlight" it:

IIMMIGRATION for DUMMIES - I understand that Chris Alexander was new to the position and that he knew shit about immigration. I also know that Canada has an immigration department with decades of experience to help an idiot prepare a new or revised program.

So why the hell didn't he do what he was paid, by taxpayers, to do?

Answer: Because the Conservatives under Stephen Harper are the "gloss over" ministers who prepare their own programs without any prior knowledge, consultation or study.

I am shocked that any of these idiots got past kindergarten.

What Canadians want are well paying jobs in their own community....

What Stephen Harper and his "Dancing Monkey Society" are offering Canadians is well paying jobs in the wilds of Canada where family life is difficult or non-existent.

When Canadians balk at being separated from their friends and family he and the "Monkey Society" ridicule them or bring in slave labour from depressed foreign countries, people who will allow themselves to be used and herded into substandard accommodations that their corporate masters charge them a fee to exist in.

39% of unemployed have given up job search, poll suggests

Don Martin: Kenney to unveil renamed TFW program that favours skilled workers

Read more:

Changing names mid stream and neither seeking or taking advice does not a good policy make.

None of this hoopla and bullshit employs Canadians. They have yet to create a viable action plan for urban Canada where the majority of Canadians reside and seek employment.

The Harper government has subsidized the oil industry to the tune of 36 billion dollars per year, had they invested 1/3 that amount in job creation for manufacturing in the urban areas of Canada rather than giving tax breaks perhaps the TFW plan would have been more palatable.

The so called pundits, economists and mainstream media are whining about industry sitting on over 600 billion dollars and not creating jobs..... job creation is NOT their responsibility..... it is governments..... industry is responsible to its shareholders.

The Harper government told Canadians that the reason they reduced taxes to industry was so that industry would invest in equipment and modernization but industry, because there was no real market kept those tax savings..... makes sense to me..... it is Harper not raising taxes to industry that doesn't make sense.

S/W Ontario gas prices

G’morning Bob  .................  Lately on the evening news there has been a lot of talk about the discrepancy in gas prices between the U.S. and Canada with the spread getting worse almost daily. Now they give plenty of reasons for the large gap in the price, such as taxes, lower Canadian dollar, selling Canadian product back to us after the American’s refine it, transportation and whatever other excuses they can think of when being questioned!!
 I would really like an explanation for the following!! :
I filled my tank at the local Canadian Tire Store here in London – the car took 65 Litres at $1.349/L = $87.70         -      
I drove to St.Thomas (Approx. 35 Kilometers) and happened to pass another Canadian Tire Store – their gas was selling for $1.233/L – Had I gassed up there the cost would of amounted to $80.15
Now my high school arithmetic tells me I paid $7.55 more to fill my vehicle.
The question is: Do I justify paying this additional $7.55 (to this same gas company) by saying it must be some transportation charge OR should I call it what it really is – Capitalism at it’s best: GOUGING AND GREED!!!
I’m thinking that if the market place (not only petroleum)  is allowed to increase prices unchallenged then pretty soon our National Healthcare we all love so much may cost us more than the country can afford!! 
I know, I know, it’s our sacred cow but our options will slowly run out!!
Later - Win
Thanks Win.... hopefully you don't expect a logical explanation about regional pricing differences from me.... I never could grasp why the Ottawa region was lower than Toronto since they are not in close proximity to a refinery.
I have come to the conclusion that the oil companies set prices according to what the regional market can bear. Now I know that they insist that there is no collusion .... stop laughing I am serious that's what I saw on Sun News so it must be a fact.
I once lived next door to an oil company representative and Fridays he would sit at home and call all his dealers telling them to change their prices.... all stations were doing the same thing but there isn't any collusion.
Taxes are the same across the Province so why the difference, can't be transportation because you are a hop, skip and a jump from Petrolia while I am less than 2 kilometers from the Oakville refinery and pay the same as London.... well I don't, Pat does.... I'm electric.
The oil companies get 36 billion dollars a year in subsidies from the Feds so the government has to re-coop those dollars from you and every other driver in taxes. It is yet another sad truth that I don't understand and we as Canadians have been numbed into ignoring.
It is not one gas station chain, one refinery...... it is one refinery.... many gas station chains