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Friday, May 23, 2014

The terrorizing of 86 year old Frank Meyer

BREAKING NEWS!! SHARE ACROSS CANADA! THERE IS A MEDIA BLACKOUT, SOCIAL MEDIA HAS THE STORY FIRST - Save Frank & Marjorie Meyers Farm!! Are you aware that the Harper government gave the order and the DND moved onto 86-Year Old Frank Meyers' Canadian farm overnight and blockaded his laneway and set up dumpsters? Canadians are needed to save it from demolition!! This government has gone too far, all... Frank said is he wants is to feed Canadian families!!

This is what 86- year old Frank Meyers woke up to this morning May 21, 2014 in Trenton, Ontario. The Harper Government/DND is Attempting to Destroy a 215-year old Farm Given to Franks Family by King George III (forever said the deed). The rest of Canada needs to know what's going on!!! The twitter hashtag #SaveFranksFarm is going viral

Let's GET support for Frank from across Canada! More support is needed RIGHT NOW !! CONTACT YOUR MEDIA, take photos and video! If you can drive there or rally people (The address is 209 Meyers Creek Road, Trenton , Ontario)

The Harper government & DND want to destroy 86-year old- Frank Meyers Canadian farm that has been in his family for over 215 years. “How low do you have to get to harass an 86-year-old guy like this,” moaned the farmer, Frank Meyers, in the general direction of the demolition machines. “I never did anything wrong. I grow corn for God’s sakes.”

MUST WATCH VIDEO: 86-year-old farmer Franks Meyers own words to ALL Canadians!

“I didn’t want to sell, I constantly told them and told them. They told me if I didn’t sign now, I wouldn’t get half the money if I went and hired a judge,” said Meyers, back in November after he said he was bullied into signing an agreement."

Read: Frank Meyers, an 86 year old farmer from Trenton has had his farm expropriated by the Harper government. Frank had refused to comply with their demands. During a weak moment and after repeated harassment and bullying, Frank signed the farm over. Demolition of his barns is scheduled, despite Frank's plea that he signed the contract under duress. He has not yet seen any payment from the federal government yet

“I lived here all my life. Our family has been here since 1798,” said Frank Meyers. “The government has other options, better options they can use. I’m feeding this country like other farms. Why is the government destroying it?”

86-year old Frank Meyers farm was recently occupied by Canadians rallying to save it from demolition!! Canadian Flags were raised >

WATCH: Save Frank Meyers Farm - CBC The National

Read This! 'Is keeping my family farm too much to ask? written by 86-year-old Canadian Farmer Frank Meyers >

MUST WATCH VIDEOS Activists rallying to save Franks farm >,

56,000+ in support and counting! Like this page: Save Frank & Marjorie Meyers Farm!

Everyone can sign this petition 25,000+ have so far

Watch the video: Elderly farmer fights for 215-yr-old land lost to Harper government & DND

AS HISTORIC AS IT GETS! Reread the deed to the property dated 22 May 1798. From King George III and the land is assigned to Captain John Meyers family forever. It's a perpetual deed from King George III. >

Watch This Video: Harper Government Attempts to Destroy Seniors Farm Given to Him by King George III

"The direct descendant of Capt. John Walden Meyers—a loyalist war hero and founder of nearby Belleville, Ont.—Frank farms a portion of the same plot of land given to the captain by King George III for his exemplary service during the American Revolution. (Ironically enough, Capt. Meyers was the 18th-century version of a special-forces commando, a crack spy and daring soldier most famous for leading a late-night raid on the home of U.S. general. To patriot children, he was the bogeyman. If you don’t behave, their mothers would say, Capt. Meyers “will come and eat you.”) Signed in May 1798, nearly 70 years before Canadian Confederation, the Crown land patent assigned the property to the Meyers clan “FOREVER.” -Macleans Magazine

"The direct descendant of a loyalist war hero, Frank Meyers farms the very same plot of land that King George III bestowed on his famous forefather as gratitude for his legendary service during the American Revolution. Now, more than two centuries later, the Canadian government wants it back—ironically enough, to build a new headquarters for Joint Task Force 2, the army’s top-secret commando unit. " -Macleans >

"Mr. Meyers’s farm is steeped in history. It was bestowed on his ancestor, a loyalist war hero named Captain John Walden Meyers, by England’s King George III in gratitude for the captain’s legendary service fighting along side the British during the American Revolution. This is the same Captain John Meyers who built an industrial village that grew into Belleville, proudly commemorated by Meyers Mill. He is not just another dusty figure forgotten in the history books but a bona fide red-blooded war hero and a visionary of his community."

"The land will become a “no-go zone”, a new $300 million training ground for the Canadian military’s elite counter-terrorism unit Joint Task Force 2. Frank has lived on this land his entire life, and his family has been there since 1798"

"Prince Edward County council voted 10-6 against supporting the move of Joint Task Force 2 (JTF-2) to CFB Trenton. Frank Meyers, whose property was expropriated in August 2012, was at the council meeting. Meyers continues to claim he signed off on the expropriation under duress. The federal government has cut a cheque reportedly for more than $2 million, not including legal fees. MEYERS HAS REFUSED PAYMENT." -D

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