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Friday, May 30, 2014

Conservatives: The party of extreme entitlement and waste

Cabinet ministers on P&P get $1.3-million more on ministerial staff annually: report

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government spends $50-million to $60-million annually on ministerial staff, including $8-million on the PMO, and ministers who are on the powerful Cabinet Priorities and Planning Committee spend $1.3-million more annually on staff than others who don’t make it to the “inner” Cabinet, says Jennifer Robson, a former staffer now teaching at Carleton University who recently concluded an analysis of ministerial staff spending based on the government’s public accounts.

“The PMO is indeed mammoth compared to staffing afforded to other members of the ministry. It is also clear that more privileged members of the ministry have significantly larger budgets for their personal staff, whether they have large or small departmental budgets or many or few public servants in their portfolio to work with,” said Ms. Robson in her analysis, which she’s presenting this week at the annual Canadian Political Science Association Conference at Brock University.

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