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Thursday, May 29, 2014

A disgusting display of poor judgement or intent to defraud the Canadian taxpayer?

Hey Stevie, start with ‘I’m sorry’ and go from there

Stephen Harper owes Canadians an explanation and now would be a good time to offer it.
How did a lawyer twice convicted of fraud, who went to jail for 18 months for stealing from his own clients, who was charged with influence peddling in 2012, and is now facing three new counts of illegal lobbying and another of influence peddling – how did such a talented guy get to sit at the right hand of power in the Prime Minister’s Office?

Logic suggests that there are only a few possible explanations:
  • Did officials in the PCO who did the vetting simply blow it when it came to Carson’s multiple convictions – 1982 and 1990, plus his bankruptcy?
  • Did the RCMP just drop the ball on his security check?
  • Did Carson lie about his past crimes?
  • Or did Carson’s manager in the PMO override the security check, as is possible? And who was that manager, the chief of staff of the day, or the Stephen Harper himself?

Michael Harris tells it like it is...... read more

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