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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What Canadians want are well paying jobs in their own community....

What Stephen Harper and his "Dancing Monkey Society" are offering Canadians is well paying jobs in the wilds of Canada where family life is difficult or non-existent.

When Canadians balk at being separated from their friends and family he and the "Monkey Society" ridicule them or bring in slave labour from depressed foreign countries, people who will allow themselves to be used and herded into substandard accommodations that their corporate masters charge them a fee to exist in.

39% of unemployed have given up job search, poll suggests

Don Martin: Kenney to unveil renamed TFW program that favours skilled workers

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Changing names mid stream and neither seeking or taking advice does not a good policy make.

None of this hoopla and bullshit employs Canadians. They have yet to create a viable action plan for urban Canada where the majority of Canadians reside and seek employment.

The Harper government has subsidized the oil industry to the tune of 36 billion dollars per year, had they invested 1/3 that amount in job creation for manufacturing in the urban areas of Canada rather than giving tax breaks perhaps the TFW plan would have been more palatable.

The so called pundits, economists and mainstream media are whining about industry sitting on over 600 billion dollars and not creating jobs..... job creation is NOT their responsibility..... it is governments..... industry is responsible to its shareholders.

The Harper government told Canadians that the reason they reduced taxes to industry was so that industry would invest in equipment and modernization but industry, because there was no real market kept those tax savings..... makes sense to me..... it is Harper not raising taxes to industry that doesn't make sense.

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