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Friday, May 23, 2014

Harpers "Dancing Monkey Society"

Because I continually post anti Harper stories and political cartoons there are those who feel I am pro this party or that party, the thing is..... the other parties are not in power and we have yet to hear their full campaign promises nor have we seen how they would fair in a true debate..... Stephen Harper is a known entity that has turned Canada government into an autocratic one.

His "Dancing Monkey Society" consists of the Speaker of the House, the RCMP, the Parliamentary Budget Officer, the Bank of Canada, the Finance Minister, the Ethics Commissioner and the Armed Forces, all of whom are impotent and spineless.

He has hit each and every one of them with the fear of The Wrath of Stevie" the god of budgetary strangulation. If you do not dance when ordered to you pay a financial penalty.

Canadians are bullied by an autocratic Prime Minister who is emotionally bankrupt toward society in general, all that matters is the resource industry anything else is either used as a tool for self promotion or abandoned.

After years of ridiculing and silencing Canada scientists and the environmental community his handlers are attempting to promote him as the Eco Prime Minister, they seem to feel Canadians have forgotten how he altered and gutted the existing environmental laws under orders from the oil industry. Or how he took whales off the endangered species list at the whim of Enbridge.

Over my 69 years I have seen many governments that made wrong choices, had scandals or introduced bills that the voter disagreed with but never did I see any Prime Minister or Premier systematically disregard the opinions or bully their constituents as Stephen Harper does.

The systemic corruption of the party during elections is also unprecedented in Canadian politics and ranges from over spending to robo calls and now they have introduced bill C-23 to legalize much of what they have been brought to task on.

Canada is worse off today than ever before in its history......

Vote ABC
in the coming by elections as well as 2015
Anybody But Conservative.
I am not telling you who to vote for but rather suggesting who not to vote for

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