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Monday, March 19, 2018

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Canada's NRA Puppet

Round Up

Meanwhile, Kenney is playing an utterly disingenuous game of semantics with his objection to the province’s carbon tax, insisting that it didn’t give them the “social licence” to get their pipelines approved. But to suggest that was the only value of such a tax is to be deliberately misleading. The real purpose of a carbon price is to provide a market signal for industry to reduce their emissions, by providing them a financial incentive for them to do so. It’s proven the most efficient way to reduce emissions in the most cost-effective manner possible, and while correlation may not be causation, it has bene pointed out that those jurisdictions in the country that have implemented carbon pricing have roaring economies, while those resisting one (such as Saskatchewan) don’t. Whether there is a correlation or not, provinces like BC have shown that the carbon tax allows them to lower other taxes which are generally less efficient taxes regardless. As for social licence, it’s part of the overall balancing act to show that there is a sufficient plan to achieve reductions as part of transitioning to a low-carbon future, but I’m not sure that anyone suggested that it would magically end all protests (and if they did, they were fools for doing so). But for Kenney to claim that this was the promise is utter nonsense.
Like the bogus calls to invoke Section 92(10)(c), it’s all about putting forward a plausible-sounding argument in the hopes that the public doesn’t bother to actually read it to see that it’s actually bullshit. But that is apparently how political debate works these days – disingenuous points that don’t actually resemble reality, or lies constructed to look plausible and hoping that nobody calls you on it, and if they do, well, they’re just apologists or carrying water for your opponents. This isn’t constructive or helpful, and it just feeds the politics of anger and resentment, which in turn poisons the discourse. They all know better, but keep doing it because it’s so addictive, but never mind that the house is burning down around them.

Roundup: Reading the constitution and a map

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Will the Feds see the light and dissolve that entire P3 department built by Steve?

Wow. MB Gov't cancels four P3 schools, finding it can build 5 schools using traditional means. Lesson learned: P3s cost (one school) more.

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1 - Shocking... not that P3s are just a mechanism to shovel extra money to the private sector, but the fact that the MB gov't dared to say so - and to cancel P3 contracts in favour of building more public schools for the same cost.

2 - When will the federal gov dissolve that entire P3 department built by Steve?
It was never needed. It was never wanted by the public. Take away their giant shovels and be careful there's no money sticking to them.

All the Trumpian promises - Jobs are on the line

In 1995, Mike Harris "promised" his government wouldn't touch the education system. Upon election and tabling their first budget - the education system was their first target. In 2011, Stephen Harper "promised" his government wouldn't touch the healthcare system. When they brought their funding "proposal" to the First Ministers' meeting - they plunked a $13 BILLION cut to healthcare on the table and walked out of the room.
Now we have Doug Ford promising NO LAYOFFS as he "find's efficiencies"....

Doug Ford’s pitch to Ontario voters will cut costs, size of government — but no layoffs

Keeping it simple: Doug Ford says his pitch to Ontario voters will be five main points on things that affect their lives.

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Soggy Bottom Boys- I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow