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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Tuesday's Ride - 1964 14ft Sea King boat with 40 hp Sea King restoration

In light of what happened in Christchurch NZ this is a worthy reminder of the insanity of voting Conservative

Members Of The Conservative Party Want To Make AR-15 Rifles Unrestricted In Canada And Here's What Canadians Think

If you thought Justin Trudeau's awkward dancing segment during his India trip was embarrassing for Canadians, the political 'fun' just doesn't seem to end there! It appears that the Conservative party wants to make AR-15's easier to access in Canada... as in the same weapon that has been used time and time again in mass school shootings in the United States. The same gun that millions of people are marching against across the border. 

Ontario medicare moving back to the 1950's thanks to Doug Ford

'We are desperate': Ont. family selling home to keep son in autism therapy

A Toronto couple say recent changes to the Ontario government’s program for children with autism have led them to decide to sell their home.
Selling a home in Toronto will give Will and Nevena Dundas a significant amount of money to put toward therapy for their five-year-old son Dylan -- but they don’t expect to make enough to cover all the support he’ll need to become a self-sufficient adult.
“It is very frustrating, and we are very desperate,” Will Dundas told CTV’s Your Morning Monday.

Photos from Ivan R

I was just going thru some pictures on the computer and came across these that I probably sent you at some point.

2 of the river front in St-Lambert. In one my father Dereh is swimming with his 2 sister's.Winnie and Kay.

The other 2 are from my Grandfather's trip to Niagara region in 1928. The picture of the Welland canal sparks my interest and I'm almost sure my grandfather new your grandfather. My grandfather eventually had a machine tool business and had something to do with Butterfield in Rock Island back then.

I also included another of my father with Winnie and Kay his sisters from I believe Old Orchard Beach.

Winniefred Rhoades was an institution at the BMO on the corner of Green & Victoria for years. Married name Beausoleil

Thanks Ivan I also posted them on the St. Lambert and Greenfield Park FB site.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Monday's Ride - 1959 Ford Fairlane 500 Club Victoria - Lombard Car Show

This is your home

For fear of offending his base


What happened: A white nationalist murdered 49 Muslims in New Zealand in what appears to be another terrorist attack by the far-right.
Canada’s Conservative leader Andrew Scheer issued two tweets denouncing the attack on “freedom”. Glaringly missing was any mention of Muslims, denunciation of white nationalists, or characterization of the killings as a terrorist attack.
Scheer even played on well-known anti-Muslim tropes to describe victims as “peaceful worshippers” rather than just worshippers.

The right answers are too complex for conservatives

Hate has to stop

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sunday's Ride - Guinness Delivery Trucks

Happy St. Patricks Day

@ Andrew Scheer

our government literally shut down government for TWO MONTHS during the Afghanistan torture scandal to avoid questions. Sit. Down. Everyone knows this is hyped up, politically driven hypocrisy.

Read more:

The facts

History read

Marcel Marceau, the famous mime performer, was a member of the French Resistance who saved hundreds of Jewish children during WWII

The French mime artist Marcel Marceau made a name for himself as the silent Bip the Clown, whose performance was comedic and tragic at the same time, echoing life itself in its mixture of happiness and sadness.
What is far less known about Marcel Mangel, who changed his name to Marceau during the German occupation of France in World War II, was that he was an active participant within the French resistance, who managed to evacuate an entire orphanage full of Jewish children just before they were to be deported to a concentration camp.
Coming from a Jewish family living in Strasbourg, in the border area between France and Germany, Marcel, who was 16 at the time, was among the first to witness the horror of German invasion. Together with his family, the teenage Marcel was evacuated from Strasbourg, just before it was overrun. They headed south to Limoges, a municipality in central France.
From that point on, Marcel Mangel knew he had to fight for his survival. As the French Army capitulated after a month of fighting, Mangel changed his name to Marceau after a general from the French Revolution, François Séverin Marceau-Desgraviers.