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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Tuesdays Ride - The Craziest Jaguar Ever Made? [XK R-S GT]

Canada/ apology

Subject: Canada/ apology
This is an open letter written by a Florida judge about the CANADA/USA relationships & history.
Robert Meadows (Circuit Court Judge, Florida) wrote:
"Have you ever stopped to consider how lucky we Americans are to have the neighbors we have? Look around the globe at who some folks have been stuck sharing a border with over the past half century:
North Korea / South Korea
West Germany / East Germany
Greece / Turkey
Iran / Iraq
Israel / Palestine
India / Pakistan
China / Russia
We’ve got Canada! Canada. About as inoffensive a neighbor as you could ever hope for. In spite of all our boasts of “American exceptionalism” and chants of “America first,” they just smile, do their thing and go about their business. They are on average more educated, have a higher standard of living, free health care, and almost no gun problems. They treat immigrants respectfully and already took in over 35,000 Syrians in the last two years.
They’re with us in NATO, they fought alongside us in World War I, World War II, Korea, the Gulf War, the Bosnian War, Afghanistan, the Kosovo War and came to our defense after 9/11. There was that one time when Canada took a pass on one of our wars: Vietnam. Turned out to be a good call.
They’ve been steady consumers of American imports, reliable exporters of metals and petroleum products (they are the biggest importer of U.S. products from 37 states), and partnered with NASA in our space missions.
During 911 many aircraft were diverted to Newfoundland, an island province off Canada's east coast where Americans were housed in people's homes for two weeks and treated like royalty. In return for their hospitality, this administration slapped a 20% tariff on the products of Newfoundland's only paper mill, thereby threatening it's survival.
And what do Canadians expect of us in return? To be respected for who and what they are: Canadians. That’s what I call a good neighbor.
But the King of Chaos couldn’t leave well enough alone. Based on his delusions of perpetual victimhood, out of the clear blue, he’s declared economic war on Canada. On CANADA! And he did it based on Canada being a national security risk to the US! For no good reason, other than the voices in his head that told him it was a war he could win. So why not do it, then?
Trump went ahead and imposed his tariffs on aluminum and steel even though we have a trade surplus with Canada on those products! Trudeau retaliated in kind. And now this morning, the White House is preparing a new wave of tariffs in retaliation for Trudeau’s retaliation. This time he threatens a tariff on automobiles even though 70% of their components originate in the U.S.! It’s just a temporary spat, right? Except for that smile on Vladimir’s face in the Kremlin, as the NATO pact unravels a little more with each passing day.
Again, we’re talking about Canada. Our closest ally, friend and neighbor.
On behalf of an embarrassed nation, people of Canada, I apologize for this idiotic and wholly unnecessary attack. Please leave the back channels open. We the People of progressive persuasion stand with you.

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I did it

Friday, September 14, 2018

Friday's Ride - 1976 Oldsmobile Toronado Gateway Orlando #975

Stupid is as Ford does

"You can’t get above the poverty line in some of our more expensive cities." — Former Conservative senator Hugh Segal discusses his frustration with the Ontario PC government’s decision to scrap the basic income pilot program that he authored. At 8/11pm with

Watch the video:

Be afraid Ontario PC Ford will drag you down

BREAKING: Ex-premier Bill Davis repudiates Doug Ford's unprecedented Charter override: "That it might now be used regularly to assert the dominance of any ... politician over the rule of law or the legitimate jurisdiction of our courts of law was never anticipated or agreed to.”

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Why Do Cats Sleep in Unusual Places?! - Simon's Cat | LOGIC #5

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Thursday's Ride - 1977 Lincoln Continental Town Coupe For Sale

Ontario's own "Little Shitler"

More court challenges ahead for the Ford government

Premier Doug Ford’s announcement Monday that his government will invoke the “notwithstanding” clause to override a court ruling on cuts to Toronto’s city council could be a sign of things to come in other ongoing legal challenges involving the Progressive Conservatives.
“The notwithstanding clause is an intentional and explicit declaration by a government that they are going to override our Charter rights,” said Greg Flynn, assistant professor in political science, who teaches constitutional and public law at McMaster University.
“It's a significant use of government power. There's a reason why its use has been limited to very few circumstances.”
Aside from the court challenge on the cuts to Toronto city council, the Ford government continues to face legal battles on its decisions to repeal the updated sex-education curriculum, scrap the basic income pilot project, and terminate the task force on part-time and contract work in colleges.
The government also recently lost in court against Tesla. A Superior Court judge found last month that the California-based electric car company had been “unlawfully targeted” by the PCs when they announced the phasing out of subsidies on electric vehicles.

Like Father Like Son

From his memoirs, here's Pierre Trudeau on why he chose not to pursue disallowance of Quebec's Bill 101.

Trudeau says he won't intervene in battle over size of Toronto city council

Ontario's intellectual deviate

Off to the Vet (Full Film In B&W!) I A Simon's Cat SPECIAL