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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Thursday's Ride - 1968 Triumph TR6R

What would America do if the crisis were real while Trump is playing with his balls???

The World Panics Over Nuclear Alarm – While Trump Golfs

For 38 minutes the entire world was on high alert over what turned out, thank goodness, to be a false alarm of a nuclear attack on Hawaii.
And while members of Congress, the news media, and ordinary citizens swung into action immediately, President Trump golfed.

An imbeciles logic

Bread Body Parts

Kittiwat Unarrom : Bread Body Parts On Thai Bakery

A Senior's Dilemma Yahoo / Inbox

I went to the liquor store Tuesday afternoon on my bicycle, bought a bottle of Scotch, and put it in the bicycle basket.
As I was about to leave, I thought to myself that if I fell off the bicycle, the bottle would break.  So I drank all the Scotch before I cycled home.
It turned out to be a very good decision because I fell off my bicycle seven times on the way home.

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History of the 45 American presidents

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Ukrainian Fire Department

One dark night outside Mundare, a small town East of Edmonton, Alberta, a fire started inside the local sausage plant and in a blink it exploded into massive flames. The alarm went out to all the fire departments from miles around. When the local volunteer fire fighters appeared on the scene, the sausage company president rushed to the fire chief and said, "All of our secret formulas are in the vault in the center of the plant. They must be saved and I will give $50,000 to the fire department that brings them out intact." But the roaring flames held the firefighters off.
Soon more fire departments from surrounding towns had to be called in as the situation became desperate. As the firemen arrived, the president shouted out that the offer was now $100,000 to the fire department who could bring out the company's secret files. Then, from a distance, a lone siren was heard as one more fire truck came into sight. It was the nearby Smoky Lake rural township volunteer fire department composed mainly of Ukrainians over the age of 65. To everyone's amazement, the little run-down fire engine, operated by these Ukrainians, passed all the newer sleek engines parked outside the plant and drove straight into the middle of the inferno.

Outside, the other firemen watched as the Ukrainian old timers jumped off and began to fight the fire from the inside with a performance and effort never seen before. Within a short time, the Smoky Lake old-timers had extinguished the fire and saved the secret formulas.

The grateful sausage company president joyfully announced that for such a superhuman feat he was upping the reward to $200,000, and walked over to personally thank each of the brave, though elderly, Ukrainian firefighters. The Edmonton TV news reporters rushed in after capturing the event on film, asking, "What are you going to do with all that money?"

" Vell," said Nick Sputski, the 70-year-old fire chief, "da furst thing vee gonna do is fix da brakes on dat focking trock."
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Canadian Winter funnies

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wednesday's Ride - 1958 Buick Century Caballero Estate Wagon

Time to stop repeating the lies of those trying to undermine democracy

No, Canada doesn’t spend more on refugees than on pensioners


Where are you right now?

Where should we be right now?

Scott Gilmore looks at David Letterman’s do-over moment and asks: Will I eventually realize there were important fights I should have joined, but didn’t?

"Letterman is clearly asking that question now. As part of his first show he took his cameras down to Selma and he went back to that bridge, and he walked across it with Congressman John Lewis, who was one of the leaders of the 1965 march. They talked about that day, about the importance of the civil rights movement, and about the issues of race that still linger.
It would be easy for me to cynically dismiss that as a maudlin attempt by an aging comedian to assuage some white guilt. But there is no doubt hundreds of thousands of Letterman fans who had come for the jokes were introduced to this painful moment in American history instead. And there is no doubt that many of those viewers will now look at our current moment in history differently as a result. If it is not too late for him, perhaps it is not too late for the rest of us to have our own ‘do over’ by simply stopping and asking ourselves that same question “Where should I be right now?”

I remember

Oh, do I ever remember the anger and indignation I felt toward white America, then.

I watched the marches, the attacks and the shootings. I cried. 

How can anyone do that to their fellow human being, their fellow citizen, their neighbor….. It sickened me then and disgusts me today when I hear Donald Trump stirring up the hate and bigotry I so hoped would end in my lifetime.

Bob Hawkins blog administrator 

A Sh'thole is Useful

Trump? .... Not so much

Amazing Fly Geyser, Exclusive Interview

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Canadian Style ...

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