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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thursday's Ride - 1954 Chevrolet Two Door Post Street Rod

Dumb and dumber: Leaching the Canadian taxpayer

After announcing they would be leaving politics both Harper and Kenney sucked the the Federal coffers while one set up his own business and the other campaigned for 'Unite the Right".

All this while the pricks on the right and the mainstream media are whining about expenses for Liberal MP's during the performance of their duties.

Where is the indignation from the mainstream media and the Conservatives for this abuse?

‘They may be gone but there is absolutely no way they’re forgotten’: Shift as Harper, Kenney leave Ottawa

OTTAWA — For years, two adjacent Calgary ridings served as home turf for arguably the two most powerful politicians in Canada.
They’re also two of the safest Conservative seats in Canada; winning the Tory nomination vote is generally the real election that matters in these ridings.
But with the impending resignations of Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney, their Calgary seats in the House of Commons will suddenly be open.
All indications are Harper will resign his Calgary Heritage seat before the House of Commons resumes sitting on Sept. 19. He has held the seat, which was recently renamed, since winning it in a 2002 byelection.
Kenney, who is running for the Alberta Progressive Conservative leadership in an effort to unite the right in that province , says he will resign as MP for Calgary Midnapore by the time the PC race officially begins Oct. 1. Kenney has been MP in southeast Calgary since 1997.

Great news

NASA just made all the scientific research it funds available for free

There goes our weekend.

NASA just announced that any published research funded by the space agency will now be available at no cost, launching a new public web portal that anybody can access.
The free online archive comes in response to a new NASA policy, which requires that any NASA-funded research articles in peer-reviewed journals be publicly accessible within one year of publication.

Stifling the whining of the CPC

The Tragically Hip invited Justin Trudeau to Kingston concert: PMO

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was invited by The Tragically Hip to attend the final stop of the iconic Canadian band’s Man Machine Poem tour.
The band’s management offered Trudeau four tickets, the Prime Minister’s Office confirmed to Global News Tuesday. The other three tickets went to local MP Mark Gerretsen, Trudeau’s principal secretary Gerry Butts and chief of staff Katie Telford.
Two other Trudeau support staff were at the arena but did not have formal tickets.
Each seat cost $133.75 and Trudeau and co. paid for them out of pocket — no taxpayer money was in the mix.
Canadians from coast-to-coast (and beyond) tuned in Saturday night to watch The Hip’s performance from their hometown of Kingston, Ont.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wednesday's Ride - 1954 Ford Skyliner Glass Roof 239 V8

How true

Donald Trump Is Going To Be Elected

Donald Trump is going to be elected president.
The American people voted for him a long time ago.
They voted for him when The History Channel went from showing documentaries about the Second World War to Pawn Stars and Swamp People.
They voted for him when The Discovery Channel went from showing Lost Treasures of the Yangtze Valley to Naked and Afraid.
They voted for him when The Learning Channel moved from something you could learn from to My 600 Pound Life.
They voted for him when CBS went from airing Harvest of Shame to airing Big Brother.
These networks didn’t make these programming changes by accident. They were responding to what the American people actually wanted. And what they wanted was Naked and Afraid and Duck Dynasty.
The polls may show that Donald Trump is losing to Hillary Clinton, but don’t you believe those polls. When the AC Nielsen Company selects a new Nielsen family, they disregard the new family’s results for the first three months. The reason: when they feel they are being monitored, people lie about what they are watching. In the first three months, knowing they are being watched, they will tune into PBS. But over time they get tired of pretending. Then it is back to The Kardashians.
The same goes for people who are being asked by pollsters for whom they are voting. They will not say Donald Trump. It is too embarrassing. But the truth is, they like Trump. He is just like their favorite shows on TV.

Chomsky on Supporting Sanders

There are some with common sense

So true

Jake saves the day

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tuesday's Ride - 1951 Hudson Hornet - Jay Leno's Garage

Is the Trump campaign buying Twitter followers?

Fake Twitter accounts are typically created for one of two reasons. One is to spam a product or scam website by tweeting disguised links to it. But most of Trump’s fake followers have never even tweeted anything, suggesting that they’ve been created for the second reason: so they could be sold to those who so desperate to boost their Twitter follower count that they’re willing to pay money for it. This is commonplace behavior on the part of overseas fake-account farms, and yeah they’re easy to buy, and Twitter has done too little to police this kind of thing over the years.

Donald Trump tweeted a Daily News Bin article, and I learned most of his Twitter fans aren’t real

Donald Trump is bragging this morning that he’s gained two hundred thousand new Twitter followers in the past ten days, pushing him past the eleven million mark. I always get a kick out this particular braggadocio, because Trump once tweeted a link to an article I’d written for this publication Daily News Bin. He liked it because it was critical of his then-opponent Marco Rubio. And by watching the real time traffic stats for my site, I realized that most of Trump’s Twitter followers appear to be fake to begin with.

When you run a website and you get a traffic spike, such as Donald Trump tweeting one of your articles, Google allows you to watch the incoming traffic play out in real time. It’s all anonymous, just the number of people on a particular article coming from a particular source, and so on, so no one’s privacy or private data is violated by these kinds of analytics. But they do allow you to see just how big or little of a spike you get from various events.
For whatever reasons, a number of popular Twitter users have tweeted Daily News Bin articles this year, allowing me to use those traffic spikes as benchmarks. It’s at least slightly apples to oranges, because one article might be more interesting than the next, or someone might tweet it at a a more opportune time of day. But when Donald Trump tweeted my negative article about Rubio, something his fans should have eaten up during primary season, the real-time spike in Daily News Bin traffic coming in from for that article was only a tiny fraction of what I’ve come to expect from an account with millions of followers.
In contrast, when Keith Olbermann tweeted one of my articles, it received a noticeably larger traffic spike despite the fact that Olbermann is listed as only having about five percent as many Twitter followers. Debra Messing has been able to send far more traffic to my site with a tweet than Trump could, and she only has about three percent as many followers as Trump. It’s been the same story with Joy-Ann Reid of MSNBC, Rosie O’Donnell, and others who have tweeted or retweeted Daily News Bin stories: the size of the spike is fairly predictable based on how many followers that public figure has.

Hip... not hip

Everything you need to know to understand Canadian politics in just two photos:

Read more :

Are you willing to learn?


Once all villagers decided to pray for rain.
On the day of prayer all the people gathered,
but only one boy came with an umbrella.
That's FAITH.
When you throw babies in the air,
they laugh because they know you will catch them.
That's TRUST.
Every night we go to bed
without any assurance of being alive the next morning,
but still we set the alarms to wake up.
That's HOPE.
We plan big things for tomorrow
in spite of zero knowledge of the future.
We see the world suffering,
but still we get married and have children.
That's LOVE.
On an old man's shirt was written a sentence
'I am not 80 years old
I am sweet 16 with 64 years of experience.'
Have a happy day and live your life like the six stories
When I was a child I thought nap time was punishment. Now it's like a mini vacation.

Thanks Pat