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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sunday's Ride - 1965 Corvair Monza 4 Door with 300 HP 4.3 Liter V6 Hot Rod - Eastwood

Trumps Christian values

Another leak. This time a transcript of the conversation between Donald Trump and Philippine President Duterte. In it, the President praises Duterte for doing an "unbelievable job on the drug problem". Human rights groups estimate thousands of Filipinos have been murdered since Duterte took office last year. Trump also revealed the previously secret location of two U.S. submarines. Via POLITICO.

Trump praises Duterte for 'unbelievable job' cracking down on drugs in the Philippines

President Donald Trump congratulated his Filipino counterpart, Rodrigo Duterte, during a phone call last month for doing “an unbelievable job on the drug problem” in the Philippines, where the government has sanctioned the extrajudicial killing of suspects.
A transcript of the April 29 conversation published online by The Intercept and reported by multiple media outlets, including The New York Times, comes from the Office of American Affairs in the Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs. The transcript is preceded by a coversheet marked “confidential” that lays out security procedures for the document.

Trump, the ultimate hypocrite

Never before has so much steaming hypocrisy occupied the White House: Neil Macdonald

Pundits and politicos better lap it up while they can

Hypocrisy is so deeply embedded in politics that the two words are synonyms. That shamelessness pays is an axiom.
And look, for sure, hypocrisy is the best thing about covering politics.
It's white truffles, it's Belgian chocolate, it's a spigot of fine wine that never, ever runs out.
Some politicians, called on hypocrisy, bluster, claiming they were only adopting a wide stance.
Others, like former president Bill Clinton, retreat to hilarious parsing: I didn't inhale, could you please define "sex," etc.
Still, others never even have to deal with it. Once he moved into the White House, for example, President Barack Obama's often-stated desire to "kneel before that rugged cross" seemed to evaporate. Sunday church outings ended.  
President Donald Trump, though, is the Chronos of hypocrisy. He is Jabba the Hutt, with hypocrisy crouching in a silver bikini, a leash around its neck.

Trump is more capable than even his peers in Third World dictatorships of delivering judgment on something, and then turning around and doing that very thing, fecklessly and without the slightest shame, and then attacking anyone who notices. And like Third World dictators, he surfs on his own personality cult-wave.
It's addictive, actually. On the rare occasion when Trump acts presidential for a few days, reporters and politicos feel like a perk has suddenly and unfairly been cut off.
All right. Some examples:

Trumps travel menu

The Big Bang Theory - 10x24 - Sheldon Proposes To Amy !!!

Страшные аварии тяжелой техники. Безумные водители!

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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Saturday's Ride - 1965 Ford Cortina GT Mk I For sale

Oily Don bombs again

“We are adopting a principled realism, rooted in common values and shared interests,” Trump told the Saudis and the leaders of another fifty Muslim nations on Sunday. But what on earth are those values? What values do the Americans share with the head-chopping, misogynist, undemocratic, dictatorial Saudis other than arms sales and oil?

Donald Trump's speech to the Muslim world was filled with hypocrisy and condescension 

So after inventing “fake news”, America’s crazed President on Sunday gave the world’s Muslims a fake speech. Donald Trump said he was not in Saudi Arabia to “lecture” – but then told the world’s Islamic preachers what to say, condemned “Islamist terrorism” as if violence was a solely Muslim phenomenon and then announced like an Old Testament prophet that he was in “a battle between good and evil”. There were no words of compassion, none of mercy, absolutely not a word of apology for his racist, anti-Muslim speeches of last year. 
Even more incredibly, he blamed Iran – rather than Isis – for “fuelling sectarian violence”, pitied the Iranian people for their “despair” a day after they had freely elected a liberal reformer as their president, and demanded the further isolation of the largest Shiite country in the Middle East. The regime responsible for “so much instability” is Iran. The Shiite Hezbollah were condemned. So were the Shiite Yemenis. Trump’s Sunni Saudi hosts glowed with warmth at such wisdom.
And this was billed by CNN as a “reset” speech with the Muslim world. For “reset”, read “repair”, but Trump’s Sunday diatribe in Riyadh was in fact neither a “reset” nor a “repair”. It was the lecture he claimed he would not give. 
“Every time a terrorist murders an innocent person, and falsely invokes the name of God, it should be an insult to every person of faith,” he announced, utterly ignoring – as he had to – the fact that Saudi Arabia, not Iran, is the fountainhead of the very Wahhabi Salafist extremism whose “terrorists” murder “innocent people”. 

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Israeli company mocks Trump in a commercial during visit

Stormy Weather - Ethel Waters (1933)


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William Tell Overture..


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Tyrone with His New Taser

Several thoughts came to mind after my viewing of this video:
1) Tyrone does NOT have basic knowledge of Electricity.
2) This is conclusive evidence of a need for Gene Pool Cleansing.
          3) what are the two people in the background doing?

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