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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Sunday's Ride - 1944 BSA Airborne Paratrooper Motorised Bicycle Cyclemaster

Canada honours

In memory of those who served and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice

Shortly before he passed away one of Greenfield Parks favourite sons, John McConachie, sent the attached to me. John was very proud of Canada's and his families contribution to the liberation of Europe.

In light of the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI I thought it would be appropriate to post this on John's, and that of his family's behalf.

Lest we forget

Remembering those who served

Don't be fooled by the right wing bigots these people served with honour

The Poppy

【Aura】Best 5min - Basilica Notre Dame Lightshow Montreal - 2018

Friday, November 2, 2018

Friday's Ride - 1944 Piper L-4H Grasshopper Taking off and Landing

Scheer not ready

*THREAD* on the posturing & posing of Conservative Party of Canada & it's members ( in particular & ): SpoilerAlert: there is very little that is new & nothing which the Liberals haven't already discussed & addresssed in public statements.


Calculated issue avoidance by conservatives to create mob rule governance

Conservative mob-rule is also defined by breathtaking hypocrisy.

Where was Ford’s demand to strip far-right terrorist Alex Minassian of his rights when he murdered 10 Ontarians? Where is the conservative movement’s collective outrage as far-right militias arm themselves, preparing to wage war against democracy? Is that not the same reason they violently oppose ISIS fighters?

Where were Scheer’s demands to intervene in the justice system when Tina Fontaine’s suspected murder was acquitted? Why are Conservatives silent as aboriginal women and children are murdered? Where are the calls for justice? 

Their silence is deafening but the reason is simple: today’s Conservatives privilege authoritarian mob-rule, inconsistently applied to elicit maximum short-term political success.

Mob rule isn’t based on equality before the law. It’s designed to turn one group against another and undermine the rule of law. Islamic terrorists are targeted rhetorically instead of right-wing terrorists because they are perceived to be more alien than white, homegrown terrorists.
MPP Dave Smith, the man introducing Ford’s ISIS fighter bill, put it bluntly:

“a terrorist outside of Canada, when they come back to Ontario, they should not have more privileges than somebody who lives in Ontario”.

Where does this logic lead? The next step is easy to envision. Anyone deemed as an outsider, or those who are a “drain on our society”, should not receive the same rights or benefits as the rest of us. This story has played out time and time again throughout history.

The lesson? De-humanization and abuse never stops at just one group.

The most searing criticism of this worldview came not from a progressive voice, but from Benjamin Perrin, an adviser and in-house legal counsel to former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office.


Today’s Conservatives privilege authoritarian mob-rule which is inconsistently applied to illicit maximum short-term political success.
Doug Ford has proposed denying basic government services — such as OHIP, drivers’ licenses and disability income — to alleged Canadian citizens returning to the country after fighting with ISIS.
Andrew Scheer wants the power to personally intervene in the judicial system. He has argued that the Prime Minister should have the power, in the case of Tori Stafford’s killer, to determine an offender’s punishment and how it should be served.
On the face of it, these events appear to be unrelated and nothing more than Conservative virtue signalling. But the truth is far more sinister: Conservatives have embraced emotionally-driven mob rule as a substitute for the rule of law. History shows this inevitably leads to increased authoritarianism and illiberal tendencies.