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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Sunday's Ride - 1968 Ford Mustang Station Wagon Kombi 4 sale

Religious confusion


The corruption of the GOP is almost too unbelievable

Sharing from someones post on Facebook:

Sharing: why they need this judge:

"What’s the rush with Kavanaugh you say? Why not investigate? Here is why: So it is now very clear why the GOP is so desperate to get Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court by next month that they would schedule a vote before hearing from Dr. Ford or any other witness that comes forward. BIG STAKES HERE... if you check out SCOTUSblog, you will see that on next month's docket is: Gamble v. U.S., No. 17-646. Issue(s): Whether the Supreme Court should overrule the "separate sovereigns" exception to the double jeopardy clause. They are desperate. The plan was to appoint Kavanaugh early this week so that he would be seated in time for this ruling. It was in the bag. Saves everyone involved from state charges. Not only Trump but all políticos who were knowingly enriched by the $$$ funneled through the NRA into the coffers of McConnell, Graham, Rubio, Ryan, etc. So if Kavanaugh gets appointed he’d effectively vote to stop states from charging Trump or anyone else involved.
Obstruction of justice."

It is clear why this appointment must be blocked and delayed until after the midterm elections.
The American Bar Association has requested a delay!
The rule of law in America is at stake without which it is no longer the America we know and love!

Please post this info, email it, and awaken everyone to the evil afoot!

We Fall To Pieces

Andrea Bocelli, Matteo Bocelli - Fall On Me

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Saturdays Ride - Grumman F7F Tigercat (1945)


And so the killings began

On August 1, 1966, after stabbing his mother and his wife to death, Charles Whitman, a former Marine sharpshooter, took rifles and other weapons to the observation deck atop the Main Building tower at the University of Texas at Austin, then opened fire on persons indiscriminately on the surrounding campus and streets. Over the next 90 minutes he shot and killed 14 people (including one unborn child) and injured 31 others; while a final victim died in 2001 from the lingering effects of his wounds. The incident ended when police reached Whitman and shot him dead. As of February 2018, the attack is ranked as the eighth-deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

Whitman had killed his mother and wife in their home the night before. It has been suggested that his violent impulses, with which he had been struggling for years, were due to a tumor found in his brain on autopsy.

Then this; The North Hollywood shootout was an armed confrontation between two heavily armed bank robbers and officers of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) in the North Hollywood district of Los Angeles on February 28, 1997. Both perpetrators were killed, eleven police officers and seven civilians were injured.

The escalation of armament for police forces starts a national debate

In both examples the local police were out gunned. The availability of superior weapons was made easy by the American surplus stores. In the case of the North Hollywood shootout one assailant wore body armour while police were armed with 38 caliber revolvers and shot guns.

The cry went out for more protection for police, armored vehicles came next and then surplus army vehicles.

Then began the conspiracy theories that the government was arming itself for a coup and wing nuts went out and bought rapid fire multi shot weapons. The people began arming themselves against the government, nothing to do with self defense but more to do with paranoia and hysteria.

Now, after the Florida shooting the government and the NRA are once again “blame shifting” an FBI failure they said, a cop that failed to enter the school, arm and train teachers they say, better mental evaluations they say. All these things were said before and they are repeating them again and again.

There are hundreds of shootings that have occurred since the UT Tower shootings and still the US government is having a 52 year old discussion and doing nothing that will effectively change gun culture in America.

From Facebook

Robbin Wood
September 25 at 6:46 PM
David Brock on NBC: “I used to know Brett Kavanaugh pretty well. And, when I think of Brett now, in the midst of his hearings for a lifetime appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court, all I can think of is the old "Aesop's Fables" adage: "A man is known by the company he keeps." And that's why I want to tell any senator who cares about our democracy: Vote no. Twenty years ago, when I was a conservative movement stalwart, I got to know Brett Kavanaugh both professionally and personally. Brett actually makes a cameo appearance in my memoir of my time in the GOP, "Blinded By The Right." I describe him at a party full of zealous young conservatives gathered to watch President Bill Clinton's 1998 State of the Union address — just weeks after the story of his affair with a White House intern had broken. When the TV camera panned to Hillary Clinton, I saw Brett — at the time a key lieutenant of Ken Starr, the independent counsel investigating various Clinton scandals — mouth the word "bitch."
But there's a lot more to know about Kavanaugh than just his Pavlovian response to Hillary's image. Brett and I were part of a close circle of cold, cynical and ambitious hard-right operatives being groomed by GOP elders for much bigger roles in politics, government and media. And it’s those controversial associations that should give members of the Senate and the American public serious pause.
Call it Kavanaugh's cabal: There was his colleague on the Starr investigation, Alex Azar, now the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Mark Paoletta is now chief counsel to Vice President Mike Pence; House anti-Clinton gumshoe Barbara Comstock is now a Republican member of Congress. Future Fox News personalities Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson were there with Ann Coulter, now a best-selling author, and internet provocateur Matt Drudge.
At one time or another, each of them partied at my Georgetown townhouse amid much booze and a thick air of cigar smoke. In a rough division of labor, Kavanaugh played the role of lawyer — one of the sharp young minds recruited by the Federalist Society to infiltrate the federal judiciary with true believers. Through that network, Kavanaugh was mentored by D.C. Appeals Court Judge Laurence Silberman, known among his colleagues for planting leaks in the press for partisan advantage.
When, as I came to know, Kavanaugh took on the role of designated leaker to the press of sensitive information from Starr's operation, we all laughed that Larry had taught him well. (Of course, that sort of political opportunism by a prosecutor is at best unethical, if not illegal.)
Another compatriot was George Conway (now Kellyanne's husband), who led a secretive group of right-wing lawyers — we called them "the elves" — who worked behind the scenes directing the litigation team of Paula Jones, who had sued Clinton for sexual harassment. I knew then that information was flowing quietly from the Jones team via Conway to Starr's office — and also that Conway's go-to man was none other than Brett Kavanaugh.
That critical flow of inside information allowed Starr, in effect, to set a perjury trap for Clinton, laying the foundation for a crazed national political crisis and an unjust impeachment over a consensual affair.
But the cabal's godfather was Ted Olson, the then-future solicitor general for George W. Bush and now a sainted figure of the GOP establishment (and of some liberals for his role in legalizing same-sex marriage). Olson had a largely hidden role as a consigliere to the "Arkansas Project" — a multi-million dollar dirt-digging operation on the Clintons, funded by the eccentric right-wing billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife and run through The American Spectator magazine, where I worked at the time.
Both Ted and Brett had what one could only be called an unhealthy obsession with the Clintons — especially Hillary. While Ted was pushing through the Arkansas Project conspiracy theories claiming that Clinton White House lawyer and Hillary friend Vincent Foster was murdered (he committed suicide), Brett was costing taxpayers millions by peddling the same garbage at Starr's office.
A detailed analysis of Kavanaugh's own notes from the Starr Investigation reveals he was cherry-picking random bits of information from the Starr investigation — as well as the multiple previous investigations — attempting vainly to legitimize wild right-wing conspiracies. For years he chased down each one of them without regard to the emotional cost to Foster’s family and friends, or even common decency.
Kavanaugh was not a dispassionate finder of fact but rather an engineer of a political smear campaign. And after decades of that, he expects people to believe he's changed his stripes.
Like millions of Americans this week, I tuned into Kavanaugh's hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee with great interest. In his opening statement and subsequent testimony, Kavanaugh presented himself as a "neutral and impartial arbiter" of the law. Judges, he said, were not players but akin to umpires — objectively calling balls and strikes. Again and again, he stressed his "independence" from partisan political influences.
But I don't need to see any documents to tell you who Kavanaugh is — because I've known him for years. And I'll leave it to all the lawyers to parse Kavanaugh's views on everything from privacy rights to gun rights.
But I can promise you that any pretense of simply being a fair arbiter of the constitutionality of any policy regardless of politics is simply a pretense. He made up his mind nearly a generation ago — and, if he's confirmed, he'll have nearly two generations to impose it upon the rest of us."

Better luck next time America

Please help

Jennifer Nettles & Jrome-How Am I Supposed To Live (Without You)

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Thursdays Ride - Antique Boat for Sale 1960 Chris Craft Constellation

Facts and truth elude Andrew Scheer and the CPC

THREAD: The keep trotting out their tired talking points that, under Prime Minister , “international investment is fleeing the country” and that “Canada is closed for business.” The facts, of course, tell a different story. Some examples 👇

Read thread:

It actually began with Stephen Harper and his reign of incompetence

A Not-So-Brief History of Racism From Andrew Scheer’s Conservative Party

The Conservatives under Scheer have a history of embracing racism to further their political agenda.

Recently Conservatives have made news coverage for racist and dog whistle attacks to further their political agenda. But this isn’t a one-time thing. Under Andrew Scheer, the Conservatives have a history of using racism and aligning themselves with far-right groups to further their agenda.
Here’s a list of the many times Andrew Scheer and his Conservatives embraced racism or were connected to racist groups.

Maxime Bernier’s Racist Tweet Inspires Violent Attack on Pakistani Park Sign – August 17, 2018

Bernier’s tweets inspired a violent attack on a community park sign. In response, people of all cultural backgrounds have been invited to the park to support Canada’s diversity

We knew we couldn't trust Harper, Kenney and Sceer but now India, a commonwealth partner is helping them to back door Canada

Thread by @AndersonBooz: "1/Have Albertans figured out the Scheer and Kenney trips to India? Many must wonder why these lacklustre Opposition leaders with no mandate […]" #cdnpoli #abpoli

11 tweets, 3 min read3 days ago
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EmbedTimothy Anderson@AndersonBooz

1/Have Albertans figured out the Scheer and Kenney trips to India?

Many must wonder why these lacklustre Opposition leaders with no mandate are suddenly jetting off to pretend they are doing real work in India. Why is India receiving them?

My hunch is...

#cdnpoli #abpoli
2/ based on some knowledge and some extrapolation.

BJP, the party of India's PM Modi, is a member party of the International Democratic Union - the right wing international group now led by Stephen Harper.

The IDU's purpose is to get Conservative governments elected around the
3/ world. So that foreign influence the Harper and Scheer party objects to when it comes to environmentalism doesn't apply to their party.

These trips are a breach of protocol. Opposition members do not have a mandate to conduct affairs of the government unless invited by the
4/ government of their own jurisdiction to do so. So when Conservatives help negotiate NAFTA, it's because the Liberal govt of 🇨🇦 asked them to, not because the US invited them.

This is an important distinction, because @PMOIndia has made a serious protocol breach IF they
5/ initiated these trips. I find it unlikely they did so without IDU prodding.

So it seems likely that Harper is using IDU influence to get India to make Kenney and Scheer look good at home. To achieve the ends of IDU.

What do Scheer and Kenney have to do in return?
6/ Well, that's an interesting question, isn't it?

What are these people with no mandate promising India's Conservatives in exchange for this PR exercise?

Recall Harper's initial foray into a trade deal with India and the issue of the nuclear non-proliferation agreement.
7/ There's a history here that should be looked at more carefully.

Make no mistake, these trips are as fake as Kenney's citizenship ceremony photo scandal. They are about using an IDU member party to make Conservatives here look good, despite what's really happening here.

The parade

A friend of Donald -- a golfing buddy -- told him that he had a fantastic dream the other night:

There was a really really big, huge parade in Washington celebrating Trump. Hundred of thousands, perhaps millions, lined the parade route, and cheered and cheered when Donald went past. It was the biggest celebration Washington had ever seen. Really Huge!
Donald was very impressed and said, "That's really great! The best! By the way, how did I look? Was my hair OK?"

His friend said that he couldn't tell. The casket was closed.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Wednesdays Ride - 1978 BEECHCRAFT V35B BONANZA For Sale

The World is laughing at you Donnie

Tuesday Trump lied to the UN, he knew he was lying

The members laughed

He knew they knew he was lying and said "not Quite the response I expected and smiled.

No Donnie this was not your usual rally of buffoons.

Fraser Institute: Paid to lie to Canadians - Help spread the truth and stop the Faser Institutes lies

The Fraser Institute’s sensational claims about taxes appear to be at odds with the data in it’s own report

The Fraser Institute strikes again – this time, sending out press releases that don’t reflect the findings of their own report on British Columbia’s tax code.
The right-wing think tank issued an alarming press release this week declaring that “BC government tax changes will cost (the) average family nearly $1,000 per year.”
The research bulletin examines tax changes introduced by BC’s NDP government, which include the popular speculation taxsurtax increases on luxury real estate, and an employer health tax.
Although the Fraser Institute’s research consistently fails to stand up to basic fact-checks, some of BC’s biggest media outlets like Global News and The Provincepassed along the right-wing think tank’s dubious findings without a critical lens.
A closer look reveals the Fraser Institute’s claim that the “average” BC family will pay $1,000 more in taxes is not only wrong – their own report says otherwise.

The World can't trust Trump why should we?

Admittedly, the core issue sounds incredibly arcane: namely, the mechanism for how to resolve trade disputes. In fact, Mr. Trump’s efforts to rewrite that mechanism go not only to the heart of Nafta but also to the very center of how Canada sees its relationship with its southern neighbor. How does a country like ours — the world’s 10th-biggest economy but less than one-tenth the size of America’s — ensure it gets equal treatment?

Why Canada Won’t Budge on Trade

Ah yes, deplorable is much to kind

Time to put prejudice aside


Thanks Normand

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Tuesdays Ride - 1963 Ford Falcon Retractable Hardtop

Truth hurts: No apology necessary

Border Security Minister Bill Blair Questions If Tories Want Migrant Infants Detained In ‘Cages’

The federal minister of border security questioned if Conservatives would be willing to remove infants from their parents and "incarcerate them into cages" to stop asylum seekers from entering Canada irregularly.
Bill Blair's remark in question period Thursday drew swift condemnation from Tory MPs, but the rookie minister swatted away calls to apologize.

Insanity reigns in Ford Nation

As first reported by , I have confirmed Alexander “Sandro” Lisi, former mayor Rob Ford’s friend and sometimes driver whose charges were dismissed after *the* crack video was entered into evidence/released publicly, is running for TDSB trustee in Ward 1

Read thread:

Remember this: Andrew Scheer campaigning with a neo-nazi financier


Monday, September 24, 2018

Monday's ride - Jaguar XK review - CarBuyer

You get what you deserve when you vote in an idiot Ontario... and the worst is yet to come

What Doug has done so far:
1. Killed cap & trade
2. Fired Privatization Officer
3. Fired Chief scientist
4. Fired Investment Officer
5. Refused assistance to asylum seekers
6. Killed legislation to reduce scalping prices
7. Killed Bill 175 updating the police service act
8. Delayed Immunization reporting rules
9. Ends electric & hydrogen vehicle incentive program
10. Cut the budget for school repairs
11. Cut 700+ green projects
12. Rolled sex ed back to 1998
13. Cancelled TRC school curriculum
14. Cuts Toronto City council in half
15. Cut promised 3% increase for OW & ODSP
16. Basic Income pilot project stopped
17. Stopped planned increase to minimum wage
18. Reduced Pharmacare availability
19.Cuts funding for guide dogs for visually impaired
20.Cuts advanced age allowance for elderly
21.Changed spouse from 3 mos. to 3 yrs
22. Cuts to funds to repair social housing.
23. Cancellation of opening new overdose prevention sites.
24. Buck a beer at taxpayer expense.
25. Reduced Civil Servants to clapping seals.
26. Reneges on $500,000 for after school music program for kids at risk.
27. Muzzles civil servants from using words “climate change” in any social media release.
28. Removal of For Profit Maximum Threshold - big box day care coming.
29. Fired Howard Sapers -Correctional Reform
30. Fired Frank Iacobucci re: ring of fire consultations
31. Dismissed - high speed board
32. Sued by and lost to Tesla
33. Sued by teachers re: Sex ed
34. Sued by City of Toronto re: Bill 5 / 31
35. Cut debate time on Government bills

Conservatives at all levels are aligning with hate groups

Alberta UCP Nomination Candidate Admits He Offered to Help Fund an Instagram Group That Shares Nazi Memes

Leaked message shows UCP hopeful told alt-right group he knew of ‘older, wealthier people’ who could finance their Instagram account

One of Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party nomination candidates admits he offered funding to an alt-right Instagram account that shares overtly racist and anti-Semitic content, including memes glorifying Hitler and Nazism.
Philip Schuman, who is seeking the UCP nomination for Alberta’s provincial riding of Calgary-Glenmore, told PressProgress he was unaware the Instagram account was a “platform for hate speech” when he offered to connect the group with “older, wealthier people” who could help finance the alt-right Instagrammers.
PressProgress obtained a private message between the UCP nomination candidate and the administrators of “Rightwingism,” a locked Instagram account that requires administrators to approve members before they can view its alt-right content.
In a recent private message to the administrators of the alt-right Instagram account, Schuman asked if they would “benefit from receiving some funding?”One of Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party nomination candidates admits he offered funding to an alt-right Instagram account that shares overtly racist and anti-Semitic content, including memes glorifying Hitler and Nazism.
And Andrew scheer campaigned with him..... SICK


Thanks Normand