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Friday, May 23, 2014

I have been saying this forever...

Seems that some members of the parliamentary press gallery need an intervention.

I arrived at this understanding after reading and watching the near-universal and derisive response to NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair’s lively exchange with reporters during a scrum last week.

With a few exceptions, journalists working on the Hill have a tendency towards groupthink. It was certainly on fawning display in the aftermath of Jim Flaherty’s death, when even a hint of criticism of the former finance minister’s record was uniformly dismissed as the product of insensitive jackals.

Prior to that, the consensus among Ottawa scribes was that Conservative MP Eve Adams was a haughty type prone to “tantrums” because she “demanded” — rather benignly, I think — a refund at a car wash. Questioning this facile, media-propelled caricature was considered heresy by much of the parliamentary press gallery. For evidence, visit my Twitter account and read some of the hysterical responses penned by reporters to my tweets challenging the newsworthiness of Adams’ “tantrum.”

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