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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Quebec politicians want you to buy them a bridge

 We must admit – The Canadian Taxpayers Association makes a valid point!!

Dear Supporter,

The Champlain Bridge in Montreal has seen better days. Opened in 1962, it’s in need of replacement. Oddly, the federal government built and continues to own this local bridge. The Harper government has generously offered to build a $5 billion replacement bridge, which would be financed, over time, through tolls (just as the original bridge was until 1990).

However, Quebec’s top politicians (Premier Couillard, Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre, NDP leader Thomas Mulcair and Liberal leader Justin Trudeau)
are all fighting against the tolls. They want Canadian taxpayers to foot the $5 billion bill as a gift to Quebec and Montreal.

Elsewhere in Canada, cities and provinces pay for local bridges. The $3.5 billion Port Mann Bridge in metro Vancouver, the world’s widest bridge, was completed in 2012 with no federal taxpayer money, and
is financed entirely by tolls. The $1 billion Golden Ears Bridge, completed in 2009, is also financed entirely by tolls paid by Vancouver motorists.

It’s unclear why the federal government is willing to build a local bridge in Montreal in the first place, but if Quebec politicians get their way, it will be completely financed by taxpayers all across the country.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper needs to hear from Canadians who think local bridges should be built by provinces and cities, not the feds. Further, if the feds are going to build a new Champlain Bridge, it had darn well better have tolls to recoup the costs.

Can you take three minutes and drop the prime minister an email at and let him know your thoughts on the Champlain Bridge? You can also call his office at: (613) 992-4211.

While you’re at it, you might want to cc Justin Trudeau ( and Thomas Mulcair (

Thanks for all you do,
Gregory, Shannon, Scott and the entire CTF team

Thanks Win.... What the Taxpayer Federation fails to tell us is how the two bridges were funded. The BC government borrowed the money and covered approximately 1/3 of the cost with the bank matching the BC portion and a Consortium paid for the balance.

Tolls are to be in place for 40 years and the rates are for a motorcycle 1.50, car 3.00 and truck 9.00

This is similar to what happened with the 407 when, after Ontario paid the initial costs, Mike Harris with Jim Flaherty's guidance sold the 407 to a consortium and rates virtually doubled much to the consternation of the people of Ontario.

We still have congestion on all three east/west highways in Ontario and for myself I am offended to be stuck in traffic on a highway I have to pay for so I avoid the 407.

As the owners would it not be the responsibility of the Federal government to replace the bridge considering the life threatening condition it is in?

"Together with the Jacques Cartier Bridge, it is administered by the Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI), a federal agency which is a fully owned subsidiary of the Federal Bridge Corporation Limited.

With nearly 160,000 daily crossings, the Champlain Bridge is the busiest bridge in Canada."

Ottawa's plans for a toll on Champlain Bridge draws criticism in Quebec

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