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Monday, September 21, 2015

Crooks, crooks and more crooks

Former Conservative candidate admits wilful blindness in breaking election rules

A Conservative candidate from the 2011 federal election has admitted he was “wilfully blind” when he declared only a fraction of the the money received and spent by his campaign.
Pierre Lacroix, who ran and lost for the Tories in the Quebec riding of Trois-Rivières, last month entered into a compliance agreement with Commissioner of Canada Elections Yves Côté, admitting to the error and expressing regret.
Lacroix’s campaign official agent, Michel Roy, also entered into a compliance agreement with Côté in August. Details of the agreement were made public Friday.
The agreements mean neither Lacroix nor Roy can be charged under the Canada Elections Act for the more than $45,000 in expenses the campaign accumulated but failed to report.
According to the agreement, Lacroix’s campaign reported only $2,500 in donations and $2,898 in expenses. In fact, the reported expenses represented only those that Lacroix paid personally. The campaign actually took in $51,817 and spent $48,242, figures not acknowledged until a fifth revised version of the financial report was filed with Elections Canada.

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