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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Disrespecting new voters is always a bad idea but college or university students is just dumb

Susan Truppe, Tory Candidate, Mocked After Declining Student Debate Invitation

Students at Huron University College wanted answers from their Conservative candidate Monday, but they ended up directing their questions to an empty chair.
Susan Truppe, the Conservative incumbent in the Ontario riding of London North Centre, was the only federal party candidate to decline participation in a debate organized by the school.

Student Aidan Fullerton on FB

I would like to personally thank our local Conservative party candidate Susan Truppe (pictured below) for her meaningful contribution to the candidates debate tonight at Huron College. Incredibly, she managed to express her party's entire platform with regards to human rights and the economy. She also verbalized *every single thing* that I like about the Conservative party of Canada. Truppe made a clear and succinct statement about her views on political engagement and the democratic process tonight, and again for that I thank her.

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