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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Canadian Heritage Warplane Airshow

We had visitors from Nutley New Jersey (Pat's cousin Ken and his wife Dot) on the weekend and Ken, my buddy Tom and myself attended the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museums annual airshow in Hamilton.

We got to see north America's only flying Lancaster and the only flying B29 in the World as well as aerial stunts performed by 70 year old Harvards and a Beech 18. 

The Canadian Air Force also put on an aerial demonstration with an F-18, now that was a stunning performance. The F-18 flew parallel to the runway, stood vertically on end, fired the after burners and shot straight up 32,000 feet, did a 90 degree flip onto his back and flew upside down then turned toward the ground and descended doing a square loop.

 Partial view of the crowd, we were in the VIP section which included food and drinks

 B17 and B18

 Mustang, spitfire and a Sabre jet

 Tom and I

 Long range Aurora sub chaser

 The Snowbirds

 70 year old Harvards

 Beech 18 stunt performance, this plane was not designed for stunts bu had been modified

 Lancaster landing

 F-18 performance demonstration.... I bet the F35 can't pull some of these stunts with one engine

B29 and B18

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