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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Comment on the blog

Fantastic !
It's all great,really appreciate a blog,thanks.

It's a breath of fresh air seeing our old life & it was a great one.

Keep it up,I know it's a lot of work,only you know how Marty worked on that
blog,plus all the things that people sent in,like Norman,you guys know.

Believe me, I know, I speak for everyone,we all appreciate your time.

Thanks Millie McG

Thanks Millie, much appreciated. Marty did the blog for Parkers and when input dwindled he decided to shut it down where as I do the blog for me (self indulgent old fart) if Parkers happen to read it and enjoy it that is great. Even though I wasn't a long time resident of Greenfield Park it is still the best place any kid could have been a teen in the 50's and 60's and is filled with my favorite people.

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