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Friday, June 22, 2012

Comment on Something to consider

"risking their lives protecting freedom"

While it is easy for an average person to support retirement and proper pensions for all Canadians contrary to our current government's objectives it remains quite a stretch to refer to what they have been doing recently as "protecting freedom" instead of acknowledging it as abetting Imperial outreach.

Thanks anonymous.... an interesting point of view however in my opinion Afghanistan was a necessary evil to lop off the head of the serpent. The country has no particular value to the Imperialists other than it's cocain. What the powers that be were not prepared for was the decades of support that is required to bring the country into the 21st century. After the fact, if it were the Worlds intent to improve rather than impose lifestyle changes on the Afghan people, then they may have been successful in preventing an implosion of the the country after everyone walks away.

On the other hand Iraq was a war perpetrated by a misguided people who were sold a false purpose for removing WMD's that did not exist. Sadam, while a tyrant, believed America was his friend, and they were, when they needed him to hold Iran in tow. My prediction is that Iraq will implode as well once everyone leaves. Damn I hope I am wrong.

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