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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Comment on Charity begins at home

As you know a P-3 project allows a bankster to borrow money on our behalf and demand that we repay the entire amount, plus the bank interest, plus a further profit margin in perpetuity, for having arranged the loan.

This appears to be another Ontario Highway 407 type of rip off.

I found an interesting (to me)dissertation on propaganda
written by an American academic that has some application in our circumstance as well I believe.

Please allow me to post the URL leading to
the Dr. Cynthia Boaz article...

Thanks Anonymous - This is a testament to the Conservatives lack of transparency, something that Stephen Harper campaigned on but refuses to implement.

When the Parliamentary Budget Officer, Kevin Page has to get advice from a Constitutional Lawyer and threaten the elected government with court action to obtain the information he requires to do the job Canadians expect of him and the Party Elect, we are headed down the road of a dictatorship.

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