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Friday, September 21, 2012

The real gangsters are in the House of Commons

Forget about organized crime in Toronto and Montreal the real gangsters are in the House of Commons. We get "Omnibus Bills" to hide or confuse the masses so that controversial bills can be enacted without proper debate .... they redact documents to hide their guilt or verbally ridicule and/or fire people who oppose them then we have their pensions....

In 2010-11, for example, MPs and senators put $4.5 million of their own money toward their nest eggs. Taxpayers, in their role as "employer," contributed $26.7 million.

Not all private-sector employers match employee pension contributions — and most that do will only contribute on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

But worse than that this money is not invested, to offset that over site they enacted a bill whereby their pension receives a 10% annual interest that we the taxpayer ante up.

In 2010-11, that amounted to $83.4 million. That means MPs and senators used $4.5 million of their own money and $110.1 million of taxpayer dollars to save for their golden years — and even then needed to add $600,000 to make the fund actuarially sound.

That's the good, even with the pending changes we are still on the dirty end.

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