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Friday, September 21, 2012

Canada in top 5 of economic freedom

When I first saw the heading saying "Canada cracks the top five for Global economic freedom" I seriously thought it was yet another press release from the Prime Ministers Office.

Not so, it was a release from the Fraser Institute ....

Jean Chretien will never be placed in the pantheon with Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher when it comes to champions of the free market, but it was the Liberal leader who set Canada on the economic path it's now on, according to the Fraser Institute.
Unlike those demigods of the right-wing, Chretien proved far more adept at shrinking the size of government -- one of five key areas that helped propel Canada to a top-five finish in the Vancouver-based think-tank's Economic Freedom of the World: 2012 Annual Report.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

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