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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'm Not Alone

You may have found allies..

Greg Fingas yesterday, on Harper tax-tics:

"So the real story isn't merely that the Cons are lying - it's that they're lying in service to their tar-sands masters, and will say or do anything to ensure a continued flow of wealth from the Canadian public to oil barons."

Thanks Anonymous ... Ahhh it sure feels good to know I am not alone .... it is very frustrating to see what they are doing to Canada and then to hear how their story changes in accordance with their evolving misguiding information. Stephen Harper and Allison Redford are trying to change public opinion on the "bitumen sands" by referencing them as oil..... I am sorry folks but the "bitumen sands" are at the extreme bottom of the oil industry .... the Feds are closing their eyes to the environmental issues with respect to extraction and processing of the sands while the oil barons, at least some, are hearing the objections of environmentalists and taking measures, albeit limited, to meet basic standards.

For those who do not understand the term "bitumen sands" just have a good look at roofing tar ..... roofing tar is the garbage that remains after the refining process and the oil industry can no longer extract more valuable products.

For the record ... I am a roofing and restoration consultant and have seen a steady decline in roofing materials ie; asphalt since the mid 80's. As the asphalt declined it was necessary for the processing industry to modify the asphalt in order to extend its life expectancy. We went from telling clients a 4 ply asphalt and gravel roof would last for 25 years to telling them that the same roof will only last 12 to 15 years.

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