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Monday, September 24, 2012

Milton house fire

As many of you are aware our frinds of some 35 years lost their home on Canada day, to top it off Barb is has undergone surgery for breast cancer thats the bad news. The good news is construction begins on the home today. There is a bright side to this Barbs prognosis is good and they are really excited to see their brand new home sometime in February or March. In the meantime the insurance company has set them up in a townhouse near the hospital where she will be receiving treatment.

Prior to the fire their home was valued a 450,000 dollars and once rebuilt, including all the modernization its value is estimated to be 650,000 dollars. The old house was over forty years old and although they had invested heavily in renovations the new one will be brought into the 21 st century with a master ensuite, washer and dryer on the upper floor plus a sun room across the full back of the house that are just a few of the things the old house didn't have.

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