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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Comment on strategic takeover

Nathan shares your concern...

NDP House Leader Nathan Cullen said the CNOOC-Nexen deal represented a "test case" for the government and expressed concern that if it is allowed to happen, Prime Minister Stephen Harper would sell off even bigger assets next time.

"With a commodity as important as oil, if that's the big card we play in international development and international trade, why is this government giving that card away without any consideration for security or sovereignty?"
Thanks anonymous... please don't take my comments as being a supporter of any one party but you can assume that I am anti-Harper. I do not like people who bully and abuse others nor do I like people who fabricate stories to either deceive or distort facts. This government campaigned in 2008 telling Canadians that the country was on stable ground and did not require stimulus. We know what happened there. Further to this they insisted that our banks were strong and did not require a bailout while they had CMHC buy up the banks volatile paper to the tune of 52 billion dollars.

In my opinion the reason they, Harper and Flaherty, changed the mortgage rules is that as a result of the bank bailout and the spiraling housing market CMHC had reached a critical point and had to have relief from CMHC insured mortgages or they would require additional Federal funding and that would raise alarms. There was some chatter in the news, but no clarity from CMHC, just prior to the changes being addressed.

This was the nail in the coffin when it comes to my opinion of Harper.

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