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Monday, September 24, 2012

Canada's strategic resources are up for grabs

When I first heard that Nexen was subject of a takeover bid from China's CNOOC a State  owned corporation, I was sure and still am, that the Harper Government is so hell bent on doing business with China that regardless of the opposition this sale is a done deal.

The shareholders only allegiance is to the DOLLAR, I understand that. The Chinese know that too, money talks and Canadian loyalty can be bought.

Although it didn’t name any specific companies, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service released an annual report Thursday warning that foreign-controlled entities investing in Canada could make the nation more vulnerable to espionage.

The World knows how the Chinese have been committing cyber espionage for years now, the question is; will the Harper Government turn a blind eye.

The national security risks will continue for as long as foreign state-owned companies show an interest in investing in Canada.

Alberta Conservative MP Rob Anders also expressed concern about intellectual property theft. The Chinese have been coming to North American and European trade shows photographing equipment, electronics and other patented products with total disregard for intellectual rights and ownership. I saw it personally in Florida at the International Roofing Show this past spring.

It’s not just the Nexen deal, but what could come next, CBC’s national affairs editor Chris Hall said on The National.

“There are lots of bigger companies. Companies like Encana, like Canadian Oil Sands and Talisman – big mining and energy companies that could be on the block,” he said. “And the Chinese companies have a lot of capital to spend as they look ahead.”

So the question is will Harper allow the takeover of strategic resources after he refused to allow a country, a Commonwealth Partner, to take over Potash.

7 out of 10 Canadians oppose CNOOC takeover of NEXEN ....

Companies in the Free World cannot compete against State owned Corporations

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  1. Nathan shares your concern...

    NDP House Leader Nathan Cullen said the CNOOC-Nexen deal represented a "test case" for the government and expressed concern that if it is allowed to happen, Prime Minister Stephen Harper would sell off even bigger assets next time.

    "With a commodity as important as oil, if that's the big card we play in international development and international trade, why is this government giving that card away without any consideration for security or sovereignty?"