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Friday, September 21, 2012

Carbon reduction policies work

"The idea that either a tax or a trading system would hurt the economy is dead wrong. The evidence is all to the contrary. Just look at B.C. and Alberta, look at six European countries that have done this. In fact it's the absence of a carbon price that can hurt the economy."

So even though the Conservatives are not even close to finishing regulating emitters — they still have to do oil and gas, and several other major sectors — the costs are already well above the $20 billion Harper accuses Mulcair's plan of costing.

In the past I have suggested that a carbon tax could be added to goods produced and that money could be used to assist manufacturers in adding systems that would reduce their emissions in turn reducing the amount of carbon tax that they pay. At the present time the government is subsidizing the installation of carbon capture equipment using taxpayer dollars.


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  2. Thank you Jon,

    I appreciate your response and request your permission to post a link to your site. I don't know if you are aware of how misinformed on carbon tax our Canadian Prime Minister is however I would like to take a stab (figuratively) at our Environment Minister and the Prime Minister Harper pointing out to Canadians their total ignorance and post a link to your site in my rant.

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