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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Why are the Conservatives still sitting on this file????

OTTAWA -- A new report in Washington is predicting more delays and possibly higher costs for the troubled F-35 jet fighter program.

The U.S. Government Accountability Office, in a study released Monday, sounded the alarm about software development for the high-tech, radar-evading jet fighter.

The budget watchdog warned American law-makers that the separate computer programs that verify the aircraft's "basic operation" and "warfighting" capabilities, such as the firing of missiles and the dropping of bombs, could be delayed by 13 months.

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In my not so humble opinion these assholes are hoping that Canadians will forget about how they were lied to by their government and deceived about the true cost.....

In Canada, the Harper government has yet to say whether it will stick with the F-35 program -- or launch a full-blown competition to replace the country's aging fleet of CF-18s.

The plan to buy 65 of the ultra-modern jets was put on hold after an auditor general's report, almost two years ago, accused both National Defence and Public Works of failing to do their homework and low-balling the enormous lifetime cost.

Subsequent independent reviews have said it would cost Canadian taxpayers up to $44 billion over 40 years to buy, maintain and operate a modest fleet of F-35s -- much more than the $16-billion price tag the Harper government initially floated.

The government has yet to buy any aircraft.

They have full intensions of going ahead with this albatross .... cost be damned.... the taxpayer has deep pockets

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