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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Canadians owe Rocco Galati for his loyalty to the country....

Constitutional lawyer wonders why he had to clean up Harper's 'subversive mess'

" Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati was in the middle of a month-long sojourn on the Indian subcontinent when word reached him Friday that he'd brought down a Supreme Court appointee and rattled the legal underpinnings of the Conservative government.

But the man who first challenged Prime Minister Stephen Harper's choice of Justice Marc Nadon for the top bench was not in a celebratory mood afte...r playing David to a constitutional Goliath.

"When I started this I was very, very clear and convinced that I was right and that this was as clear as a bell to me," Galati told The Canadian Press in a telephone interview from India.

In an unprecedented reference, the top court agreed by a 6-1 margin that Nadon was not eligible to sit amongst them and that the government could not unilaterally rewrite the Supreme Court Act rules on the composition of the bench.

"I just regret the fact the government can make a subversive mess of our Constitution and it's got to be private citizens like me — at my own expense, this has cost me a lot of money, my own time, energy and money; I'm not getting any of that back — to clean up what?" said Galati."

The truth be told this is the type of political and public manipulation that Stephen Harper counts on to bamboozle the Canadian public.

They know very well that there are only a few people who will take them to task on their phoney laws and misleading stories. We, the Canadian public, were very fortunate that Rocco Galati had the education, the determination and the resources to challenge this illegal attack on the Supreme Court of Canada and the Constitution.

This government has no respect for the legal basis on which Canada is based nor do they care about its people.

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