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Monday, March 31, 2014

new original song "QUEEN PAULINE"

With The Québec election fast approaching, it is a very timely and appropriate song.
Attached, you will find a new original song of mine called "QUEEN PAULINE". 

Please share this with as many people as you can.  If you have friends in the media, please
feel free to forward it to them as well. The Montreal Gazette's"AISLIN" (Terry Mosher) was the
first to hear it and he said it was "very good!". I hope that you will enjoy listening to it as much
as I had fun writing it.  I look forward to hearing your comments.

Pierre Chalifoux
                                        music & lyrics by Pierre Chalifoux 2014 c
Queen Pauline don’t lead your sheep to the slaughter
‘Cause once you do, it can’t become undone
Instead just try to keep their heads above water
‘Cause they’ll find drowning won’t be any fun
Your economy is in the tank
But they’ll still have you to spank
Rearranging deckchairs on your New Titanic
Misdirection with your Charter
When in fact you might be smarter
To treat them to a healthy dose of panic
Queen Pauline don’t lead your sheep to the slaughter
‘Cause once you do, it can’t become undone
If you take them while they sleep, your sons and daughters
May wake up to a very different sun
You want to build your “Poutine Nation”
Based on your hallucinations
Reality could bring you to your knees
One week, Pasta’s on your face
Another scandalous disgrace
Your on-going case of foot-in-mouth disease
Queen Pauline don’t let your Brown Shirts probe our babies
Measuring letters and apostrophes
Infecting us with strains of racial rabies
Your xenophobic ideology
You’re fiddling Nero’s violin
Yet you can’t see the mess you’re in
While becoming everybody’s fool
You go for “Blokes” then go for broke
On the world stage, you’re a joke
Still you sit and sink in your own stool
The feeble ideology
That still fuels your strategy
Sends people packing down the 401
Resurrecting René’s ghost
Like Lucien, Bernie, Jacques, you’re toast!
Another relic of Bill 101
Queen Pauline don’t lead your sheep to the slaughter
Your lemmings march in lockstep to a fall
And when they do, don’t weep, please just don’t bother
Remember that this will have been your call
(Neverendum Referendums)
Just like Marie-Antoinette
Who lost her head playing “cake roulette”
You pray your ilk will unify
By feeding them pie in the sky
Your Banana Republicans
Basking in “New Cuba”’s fun
Will find that it’s too late to run
When all is said and done
Take “Le Québec Libre” de Charles De Gaulle
Flush it down your half-million dollar toilet bowl
PQ, SQ, CAQ,  no more FLQ 
SAAQ, FTQ, how about FU2
Queen Pauline you lack in substance and in style
Once and for all, just get off our backs
To the likes of you, we’ll never “Zieg Heil”
“Ostie d’calice de crisse de tabarnac”                   
In your “De-Stink ” society
Your “Pure-Laine” minority
Should simply just try googling “Germany”
Look up other sinking ships
As with most dictatorships
There are different shades of tyranny
You send your kids to private schools
Unlike the plebian mass you rule
You’re superior to the folks to which you pander
Unclear on how you really plan
To govern your “Kébekistan”
Why don’t you just simply write Ann Landers
Money and the Ethnic Vote
“Les Maudits Anglais” got your goat
Pulling the wool off of your sheep’s eyes
Instead you should attack  “le Joual”
Québec’s real “Langue Officiale”
And send in the OLF’s Nazi spies
Queen Pauline we should just put you out to pasture
Banging pots and pans with your devout
Someday in Maroisland, there may be Rapture
Canada will simply vote you out
(So Goodbye!)
Even if you beg, plead, scream and cry
Stop whining, promise to behave and try
We’ll never ever really will see eye to eye
Our answer still will be goodbye
And much to your chagrin
We won’t let you back in
Thanks Ralph


  1. The awesome sound is misssing. Can it be quickly fixed????????????????????

    Wilf Hall

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