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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Harper will say anything to get votes

LETHBRIDGE: A facade of affection for the Forces
"Harper is the prime minister who decided that Canada needed to be militarized. He primed Canadians to “support the troops” with ubiquitous yellow ribbons on the bumpers of cars. He wanted to transform Canada’s self-concept from peacekeeper to warrior. Do you remember his 2006 visit to Canadian troops serving at Kandahar airfield in which he stated Canada would not “cut and run?” Dressed in fatigues, he was one with the troops: “We don’t make a commitment and then run away at... the first sign of trouble. We don’t and we will not, as long as I’m leading this country.” Well, Mr. Harper, for thousands of those returning troops, the war does not end when the mission ends. The wounds fester and the nightmare continues. Where are your fatigues now? What I saw this week is a prime minister who runs heroic Canadian soldiers up the flagpole of patriotism, bravery and sacrifice, and when the ceremony is over and the flags are lowered, he is willing to fight these heroes in court over benefits that were once available. Talk about cutting and running."See More

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