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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Letter to the CPC

My response to a request for a donation from the CPC.....

Mr. Walsh,

Thank you for your recent email requesting a donation to the Conservative Party of Canada. I have put great deal of time and thought into this request and would hope you might consider the following:
I proudly served for 30 years in the Canadian Forces and would have stayed longer had I not been medically released due to a severe injury. As a result of that "Service Related Injury" I am now unable to find and maintain gainful employment. My health is deteriorating yet the cost of health care is rising along with everything else except my meagre pension, unlike the pensions of those you represent.

You must know Veterans Affairs has cut benefits, closed offices and has a Minister that is unable to define what a Veteran is, yet travels extensively for photo ops while he looks down his nose at us and fails to remember that Canada liberated his home. All this while brave young men and women are returning from a 12 year war, yes a real "war" during which over 40,000 military members served with honour and distinguished themselves among our allies. Many have come home after fulfilling their "Sacred Obligation" to their country only to find their own government has hired lawyers to prove their country, Canada, feels they have no obligation to them. Shameful, if not disgusting to say the least.

Our proud military, whom I support fully and is in fact the very reason you are able to live in a free, democratic society is once again suffering from "death by a thousand cuts". Sadly there are more cuts coming while the promises of new equipment and support never even came to fruition due to mismanagement, political infighting, lack of experience or knowledge of the true needs of the military. Your party has failed miserably in the procurement field yet how many have lost their jobs due to incompetence. More many more of our serving military members will lose their lives as a result of being ill equipped. I will not go into detail but how many Members of Parliament would be willing to send their sons and daughters into a modern field of battle flying 50+ year old aircraft? This is reality, not a political chess game where our youth, willing to serve, are pawns. Shame.

In light of this Mr. Walsh would you kindly suggest how much you would like me to donate to your party?

And, as you have taken the time to email me asking for a donation to support your cause I'm confident you will contact me to further discuss not only my concerns, but the concerns and anger of thousands upon thousands of Canadians who have served and/or support those who have bravely answered the "Call to the Flag", often referred to as patriotism.

I do look forward to hearing from you.


WO John D. Ely, CD (Ret'd)


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