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Friday, March 21, 2014

Harper's plan for Canadians

This government is a damn joke and the mainstream media insists on supporting and promoting their failures by not telling Canadians the facts.

The above story shows us how the Harper "ship of fools" misunderstood corporate Canada and misleads the Canadian people. But worse than that we have heard, since Flaherty retired, what a great finance minister he was.

Bullshit!!!! Jim Flaherty and Stephen Harper created a monster in the housing market when they reduced the CMHC requirements for home purchasing and then had CHMC take over high risk mortgages from the banks when the recession hit in 2008 (can you say bank bailout?).

They over stressed CMHC almost making it Canada's equivalent of America's Fanny May/Fanny Mac. So to counter the screw up they created they tighten the borrowing requirements and brag about how financially prudent they are.

Nothing but bullshit and misleading the public on how incompetent they really are.

Budget after budget this government has made crucial cuts to the Canadian infrastructure intended to make themselves look good by creating a surplus on the backs of the worker, veterans, first nations, the environment and the unemployed.

These failures and gutting tactics by the Harper regime are already starting to be felt in transportation, environmental damage, transfer payments and will accelerate over the next few years as the country and the people start to feel the effects of the cuts.

How does a government, who claims to be financially conservative, take a country that is in a surplus situation and has social programs that support its people at all levels of society and turn it into a financial boom for corporations while choking off the voting public?

Over the years I have heard whiners complain about their tax dollars supporting others who are less fortunate than they yet they are willing to use and abuse the various systems to their benefit when they need it. And then they complain about "the system".

Wait, just sit back and wait as the slash and gut policies of the Harper regime take effect and we have high cost American style private medical insurance for the few that can afford it or whose company covers the cost for them.

Wait as your health care insurance provider tells you the doctor you have been seeing for the past 20 years is not registered with them so you must select a doctor from their list.

Wait as your medical insurer tells you that only a portion of the operation you just had is covered and you must pay the difference.

Wait as your insurer tells you that your medical costs exceeds your limit and the hospital threatens to sue you unless you either sell your home or file for personal bankruptcy.

Yes my fellow Canadians..... that is the road Stephen Harper wants to take you down.

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