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Monday, March 24, 2014

Canadians of all ages are waking up and speaking out against this corrupt government

GRANDMA SAYS SHARE! ATTENTION ALL CANADIANS: Please read the letter from over 160 law and University professors on the Harper conservatives 'unfair election act' If you agree, please send a letter, or email to your member of parliament, and take action on March 25th in front of Conservative Mp offices across the country < This is especially important!

Over 160 Law and University professors are denouncing the Harper conservatives 'Fair Elections Act' This will affect all Canadians, find out why below:

Harper government's 'Fair elections act' alarms law professors -CBC News

A damning letter by over 160 University and law Professors, warning about the dangers of the Harper Conservatives "Fair Elections Act" it explains why the government’s proposed changes to our election laws are a dangerous threat to our federal elections and your right to vote. -National Post

OVER 100,000 Canadian voters will be denied their RIGHT to vote on elections day if the Harper conservative's attack on Elections Canada gets rammed through (The Fair Elections Act. Bill C-23). This is a bill that will legalize voter suppression towards First Nations, youth, students, and seniors.

End to 'vouching' would impact 100,000 voters: Elections Canada chief -CTV News

Harper conservatives 'Fair Elections Act' Deeply Disturbing -International elections expert. -CBC


Harper Conservatives keeping 'Fair Elections Act' documents secret -Toronto Star

‘Unfair Elections Act’ looks more and more like a cover-up -Toronto Star

Harper’s Unfair Elections Act needs to be scrapped


A Federal Judge ruled the Harper conservatives 'CIMS database' was used in illegal 'Election Fraud' during the 2011 Federal election,

Federal judge confirmed Election Fraud did take place during 2011 Federal Election -The judge ruled "that the most likely source of the information used to make the misleading robocalls was the (conservative party of Canada) CIMS database"

Harper Conquers Canada, One Robocall at a Time

In 2006... "According to Elections Canada, it's official: The Conservatives cheated in the 2006 federal election campaign." -CBC News


Communities across Canada are coordinating a national day of action on March 25th, at Conservative MP offices and support locations, to rally the country and show Conservative MPs that people will stand up to defend our democracy.

Facebook event:

You can find the contact information for your closest MP to let them know what you think here:

More than 60,000 Canadians signed petitions against the Fair Elections Act

Sign the Petitions: LeadNow: Stop US-style voter suppression from becoming Canadian law

The Council of Canadians : Investigate and prevent electoral fraud with a truly fair Elections Act -D
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