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Friday, November 4, 2016

Think people ..... think way back to Harris and his common sense shafting of the people of Ontario

Once upon a time, there were visiting nurses. They were wonderful. They brought needed supplies with them on their visits. They had one employer and lots of patients. The care was excellent. The cost was reasonable. Then along came the Con Harris government and so began the layers of privatization contracts to make the delivery of health care "patient centred" and "efficent", and "cost effective". Hospital beds closed. Highly trained staff were laid off and replaced with lower skilled, often contract staff. Patients were tossed out of limited hospital beds ever faster. Care has moved to their homes. Enter the contracts. What also began were layers upon layers of those private contracts each of which had to extract profit. The costs are paid by the public. The services - well...... let's just say hit and miss. So much for improving patient care. The cost - never mind, there's profit to be made. Lots and lots of profit. So now we're to have more of it. Neoliberalism in action.

Unused medical supplies piling up in eastern Ontario patients' homes

Agency estimates $1.7M in supplies shipped to home care patients wasted each year

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