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Monday, November 28, 2016

What a sick gang of lowlife. Their upbringing and mental state really comes into question.

ansen to receive security protection because of death threats

Calgary MLA Sandra Jansen is now being protected by security after receiving death threats after crossing the floor from the Tories to the NDP government last week.
The government confirmed Wednesday that its Executive Protection Unit is providing security for Jansen on a temporary basis.
In an interview, Jansen said there have been death threats and threats of violence made towards her on social media since she joined the NDP government last week.
“There was a concern from the NDP, our government, that they wanted to make sure that I was protected in the event that someone decided to make good on the threats,” said the Calgary-North West MLA.
“I feel very safe. I have a wonderful group of people here who are making sure that I’m being taken care of and supported so I feel confident that they are very good at the job that they do and when we determine that the threat is gone, then things will go back to normal.”
The incidents are also being investigated by the police, said Jansen.

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