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Sunday, November 20, 2016

No it's not satire

P.E.I. farmer assists in near-eradication of methane from cow farts

Scientist discovers particular seaweed reduces methane to nearly zero in cow burps, farts

A P.E.I. farmer has helped lead to a researcher's discovery of an unlikely weapon in the battle against global warming: a seaweed that nearly eliminates the destructive methane content of cow burps and farts.
Joe Dorgan began feeding his cattle seaweed from nearby beaches more than a decade ago as a way to cut costs on his farm in Seacow Pond. He was so impressed with the improvements he saw in his herd, he decided to turn the seaweed into a product.
"There's a mixture of Irish moss, rockweed and kelp, and just going to waste," he said. "And I knew it was good because years ago, our ancestors, that's what they done their business with."
Then researcher Rob Kinley caught wind of it.

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