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Friday, November 18, 2016

Very well said


Canadian values drive us together, not apart

Catherine Clark is a broadcaster, writer and president of Catherine Clark Communications. She is the daughter of former Canadian Prime Minister Joe Clark.
When I was growing up, we didn’t spend a lot of time talking about Canadian values. We just lived them.
That, I suppose, is the value of a political upbringing – you are exposed to every part of the country, to every culture, to every community – and you come to see that Canada isn’t just one kind of place. It is a living, breathing entity with various parts which bind together to create a whole – a community of communities, as my Dad called it so many years ago. I came to learn that the sum of our various unique parts made our country stronger even if, occasionally, those differences bred misunderstandings or arguments that had to be debated and overcome.
I was also fortunate to see Canada from the outside. Few countries in the world have attained the widespread international level of respect that Canada enjoys globally, and most Canadians take tremendous pride in that reputation. When seen abroad, our flag remains a symbol of peace, democracy and hope – whether it’s sewn on a backpack or flying above an international aid camp.

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