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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

If corporations want it why don't the CPC

Canadian Business Leaders Push Trudeau For 'Bold Leadership' On Climate

OTTAWA — Canadian corporate executives whose companies together employ more than a million people are urging Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the premiers to press ahead with collective climate action, including putting a price on carbon emissions.
An open letter to the first ministers was released Thursday morning ahead of a planned meeting early next month in Ottawa, where the federal Liberals hope to finalize a pan-Canadian plan with all the provinces and territories.

"Canada has a history of taking far-sighted policy actions to capitalize on the opportunities created by global economic change,'' says the letter.
"The time is right for the same kind of bold leadership.''
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The 60-plus signatories include business leaders representing oil and gas, mining, forestry products, cement making, aluminium smelting, information technology, banking, grocery retail and building materials. Together, their businesses have revenues exceeding $300 billion annually.
Through the Smart Prosperity Institute based out of the University of Ottawa, they've made common cause with clean energy associations, environmental advocacy groups, organized labour and environmental think tanks.
Their common message is that enlightened self-interest dictates Canada strive to be at the front of the pack as the global economy makes a historic shift.

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