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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Yes those Conservatives, the Harper Cons (Posted Fed 17, 2015)

Joe Biden Explains How The Conservatives Helped ISIS And Lied About Syria

The Conservative Party of Canada has signed the longest weapons contract in Canada’s history with the Saudi regime described as a serial human rights violator. The conservatives’ performance in the efforts to internationalize democracy and defend human rights globally worth a failing mark. They went as far as befriending tyrants - such as the king of Bahrain - and closing their eyes on war criminals - such as the Sudanese president - making the diplomacy and the security of Canada at stake and in the service of multinational corporations. The cooperation between the Conservative Party of Canada and the supporters of international terrorism may be hard to believe. Yet, when the US vice president Joe Biden makes incriminating statements regarding the friends of the Conservative Party of Canada, it becomes obvious for the hard working Canadians that their country is going in the wrong direction under the conservatives.
In a recorded video, the US Vise President Joe Biden revealed several shocking facts.[1]  Here are some of those facts along with legitimate comments.

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