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Monday, November 21, 2016

As the hysteria of Trumps election engulfs the World common sense must prevail

We are living in an alarming time, Donald J. Trump's angry and bigoted rhetoric during the primaries and throughout the election campaign has taken the Klu Klux Klan and the Alt-right out of the back rooms of North America and into the White House.

We are seeing a rash of bigotry across America and spilling into the major centres of Canada. Europe has seen a rise of right wing extremism for well over a decade now. The root cause of the problem is the free World governments attempting to make regime changes by supporting rebel causes in countries they have no business interfering in.

The result. Millions of displaced human beings desperate to survive and creating an immigration problem of epic proportions. When you combine this immigration problem with the rhetoric of fear and ignorance it only serves to fuel the flames of hatred. No matter how hard one tries to dose the flames ignorance and hatred prevails and gives rise to white supremacist groups and Christian extremists.

I found the following comment on a FB thread today that applies to Canada and how we as generally look at things in a different light......

Ray Larson The most important thing here is to not allow the acts of a few paralyze us, or let their movement or message spread. I tell people that the most important lesson from the last election in Canada is that real leadership matters. Overnight, when our current PM said "A Canadian, is a Canadian, is a Canadian" during the debates, he reminded a lost nation who were slipping into open racism and bigotry with 1-800-report-a-muslim hotlines, who they were again. Reminded us of the nation we aspire to be - kind, generous, open and accepting. Leadership matters and we all need to lead now otherwise we do actually risk falling back into the 1930's. This is not an exaggeration, this is a critical and defining moment in our history. If we do not all act, and discourage these acts and continue to be a beacon of light to the world then we will look back in despair.

While the commentary contains some truth we are seeing some political individuals in Canada praising Trump and attempting to emulate his behavior while justifying his attacks on minorities. This type of campaigning can only give the extremists on the fringe the confidence that their attacks on minorities is acceptable behavior.

It is not. We all have a right to our beliefs, even the bigot, the Klan member or the Alt- right what they don't have is the right to injure, the right to deface or the right to destroy.

We must defend the minorities against the extremist who walks amongst us just as we expect the same from other groups of Canadians.

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