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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

My POV on Donald Trump

I have no idea how anyone regardless of their lack of intelligence can support an exaggerator like Donald Trump.
The man exaggerates his business acumen as he faces new lawsuits accusing him of cheating investors.... again ..... it appears to be how he launders money .... at least that is the impression one would come to watching how he destroys subcontractors for his own personal gain.
I cannot believe how ignorant and stupid..... YES YOU ARE STUPID .... when you support this ignorant pig who is facing a rape charge of an underage young woman.... a dirt bag who by his own taped admission has so little respect for women that he would force his attention upon them.....
How little respect do you have for your daughters, your wives, yourselves that you would elect this psychopath knowing that he is not only an abuser but an incompetent fool unfit to govern America.

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