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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Our diplomats have been castrated by an impotent government

There was a time when Canada was a Nation respected for its peacekeeping and negotiating skills. That has all been thrown aside by an obnoxious, abrasive and war drum beating Conservative government who now must seek help from those they have offended.

Baird looks for allies on imprisoned Canadian journalist Fahmy's case

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird is reaching out to a number of Middle Eastern countries in an effort to persuade the Egyptian government to release an imprisoned Canadian journalist.

Mr. Baird said on Tuesday that he raised the issue of Mohamed Fahmy’s detention with two other foreign ministers in the region, in addition to a conversation he had earlier this week with his counterpart in Egypt. Mr. Fahmy was convicted in June of conspiring with Egypt’s banned Muslim Brotherhood after a trial that was widely condemned internationally.

The Foreign Minister’s comments came as Mr. Fahmy’s brother, Sherif, called on Canada to do more at what he believes is a crucial moment in his brother’s detention. The Egyptian government typically pardons some prisoners at the end of the Muslim holy month, which this year falls in late July, and Sherif Fahmy said he is hopeful his brother’s name will be among them.

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