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Monday, July 14, 2014

Charleston SC

We were in Charleston SC last month. The weather in early June was a sunny 90-95* with a humidex of 105-115*. Certainly not great for a northerner.

Visited a plantation with a nice big home and also on a walkabout downtown saw some nice places and really loved the 3 balconies on a historic red brick home that was for sale for only $5.5 Million or so. (see the link)

One thing that caught my attention when visiting St.Micheal's church in the historic downtown district was the way the pews in the church were arranged like box seats. Some for younger members and some for the adults. Kinda strange. 

Charleston is becoming a destination of choice for a lot of Americans. The city is nice with lots of old historic buildings but extremely pricey. The burbs are more affordable. 

Thanks Ivan

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