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Saturday, July 26, 2014

I didn't start it

Hi Folks  ................  Some of you will recognize the fellow in the PINK shirt, that’s Justin Trudeau (Pierre’s little boy) who is presently the leader of the Federal Liberal Party in Ottawa and could very well be the leader of Canada after the next federal election  .............   As it says below  “LORD, HELP US ALL!!”
Take a good look and try to remember the character’s behind the masks because chances are they will be part of Young Justin’s future cabinet!!
It’s time for a cabin in the bush!!!   -   Win
Better to have it out in the open, rather than the guy we have now with the popsicle stick up his arse that doesn't show.

The man who would lead Queens
The man who would be Queen
We have a choice.....
Thanks Ralph, Win and Ivan

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