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Wednesday, June 28, 2017


It has been a while since we featured a design by Oberdan Bezzi, but this BSA model caught our eye. You may be aware that the Indian conglomerate Mahindra purchased rights to the great British brand BSA recently, and speculation about the re-emergence of new BSA models has commenced as a result.
Among other conjectures on his web site, Bezzi offers this “BSA Victor 355”, which takes design cues from classic BSA singles. In part, Bezzi has the following to say about Mahindra’s venture and this concept (excuse his English as a second laguage):
“Of course we hope for a true ‘renaissance’, perhaps beginning with models that are not particularly demanding technically, but built with all the trappings in order to re-enter the market with due seriousness and quality that the brand deserves! 
We hypothesized for one of the first new BSA, a scrambler classical style, with a single-cylinder four-valve of about 350cc., From traditional cycling and well-equipped departments in the brakes and suspension!
A well-structured motion of European dimensions, excellent overall performance, quality components and careful construction! 
But the trump card will obviously quell’allure motorcycle English that the aesthetic part will have to definitely emerge, with ‘educated’ quotes from legendary models such as the famous VICTOR, and the ‘philosophy’ of achievement between the pragmatic and the refined of which were the fairs Made achievements in GB! 
It would be a motorcycle certainly not cheap, indeed quite the opposite, but since the coat of arms and the look would certainly have many admirers among motorcycle enthusiasts …. with a certain … style!”
If you remember the brand as we do, you can’t help but be anxious to see its renewal.
Thanks Kerry

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