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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

It ain't going well

“It’s common for Canadians to have tepid feelings for Republican Presidents. But these numbers go far beyond any norms I can recall. They reveal profound dismay about the character and personal attributes of Mr. Trump as well as fear that he is causing harm to the world, to the interests of Canadians, and to the very people who elected him. American polls reveal that Mr. Trump has found record levels of disapproval at this stage of a new Presidency. In Canada, if people were willing to give Mr. Trump some benefit of the doubt, that attitude has been dissipating quickly.

Trump and Canadians: it’s Not Going Well

Following President Trump’s trip to the Middle East and Europe, we decided to ask Canadians how they were feeling about the new President, a little over 100 days into his term in office.
Here’s what we found:
  • Very few (10%) think Mr. Trump represented America well at the G7 meeting, and a large majority (77%) said his approach reflected poorly on his country. Remarkably, one in every two people thinks represented America “very poorly”.  Boomers and Millenials agree.  Albertans and Quebecers saw it the same way.  This was not only a view held by those on the left —  the majority of Conservative voters (58%) think he did a poor job too.
  • As of today, 39% think Donald Trump is the worst President in US history. Another 29% say he is “one of the worst”. Only 10% think he’s average.  One in 50 people in Canada thinks he’s the best President ever.

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