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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Heartless in Trumpville

Report: Donald Trump Grifted a Ton of Money from Eric Trump's Charity for Young Cancer Patients

Considering that the Trump family long ago cemented its place in the annals of real-life comic book supervillainry, few tales of its charitable malfeasance really surprise anymore. Using Trump Foundation dollars to buy a six-foot portrait of the charity's namesake to be displayed in a tacky golf resort? Sure! Writing checks to settle his businesses' legal battles? Apparently, yes! That $5 million donation Trump promised to a good cause of President Obama's choice upon the release of the elusive birth certificate? At this point, I wouldn't encourage anyone waiting on our esteemed Tweeter-in-Chief's follow-through to hold their breath on that one.
This latest report, though, somehow sets the bar even higher. (Lower?) Noted workplace sexual harassment expert Eric Trump—that's the Draco Malfoy one, not the American Psycho one—has long touted the millions of dollars his eponymous foundation gives to children's cancer research and treatment, boasting that the charity is so efficient because the Trump Organization generously donates the use of the family properties for the foundation's events. A new report from Forbes, however, alleges that this is a gigantic crock of shit.

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